Friday, January 11, 2013

Workout Day 3 of “Build Your Best Body”

To clarify…the program I am doing is called “Build Your Best Body” from January’s issue of Oxygen Magazine and the meal plan was named, “4 Weeks to a Leaner You”.  The other day I titled my post using “4 Weeks to a Leaner You”.  From now on I will be referring to the program as “Build Your Best Body”.  The meal plan that is provided for this month is to get you lean, and then next month’s, is to help you build muscle.  It is titled Your “Muscle Up” Meal Plan.

School’s IN or OUT??? It’s IN.  Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

That was the reaction I got from both my children this morning.  My daughter was adamant last night that she was NOT going to school today.  She loves school too.  HOWEVER, I told all the kids in the daycare that today would be Pajama Day.  So that is the reason why she was so upset that she was going to have to go to school.  My son seemed okay last night at bed time, but this morning it was a different story…UNTIL…I reminded them both that is was Pizza Day at school and that we would do Pajama Day next Friday when there is are scheduled PD Day.  I received texts from the other parents of the school children that I watch after school and their children were upset too.  My children got dressed and it was a normal school morning again in my home.  And since they were going to school, I quickly made another batch of Play Dough for my daughter to take with her, and this time, I put the bag of it in her mail bag so that her teacher would get it this time.  It didn't come home again.  Yay!!!!

To my workout…It was much better this morning.  Well I was feeling much better this morning.  The soreness has subsided until I push it again even harder next week.  My plank times have increased overall this week.  NO I am not holding each of them for 7 minutes; I will have to work my way back up to that.  But then I would have to get up about 28 minutes earlier to get my workout done on time.  I increased the number of Decline Push Ups too per each set.  I could see my reflection in the glass door, I looked good, I looked strong and it gave me an extra push of motivation to keep going.  With this workout program, you are to go until you can’t do anymore reps in each set.  In order for these workout sessions to keep a reasonable time, I will have to challenge myself by picking up the pace of some of the moves.  It will increase the intensity of the exercises and add a little cardio as well.

Well my husband put in a movie, “Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close”, tonight and I got side tracked with my writing.  So I will get to today’s food now...

Today’s food…
Breakfast: Egg White and Kale Omlette with Tomato and Onion

Snack: Tuna & Veggies on Rice Cakes served with Carrots & Celery
Today I cut some of the carrots and celery, mixed them in with the tuna and mustard, and then spooned it on the rice crackers.

Lunch: Sirloin Burger on a Wrap with Lettuce & Tomato
I made up and cooked the beef patties last night, so for lunch today I just had to heat it up.  It was a little bit on the dry side with no ketchup or other condiments.  I might try some salsa on this the next time.  
Oh yes, instead of the Blue cheese, I used Swiss cheese.  I am not a Blue cheese kind of girl.

Snack: Tri-Berry Shake
I used raspberries again for this one.  

Next week I will try it the strawberries instead.

Dinner: Sweet Potato and Kale Quinoa with Grilled Chicken

Leftovers make for an easy and quick dinner tonight.

It’s time for some more cardio in the morning.  I think I will hit the bike and maybe followed up by some Yoga.  I’ll let you know tomorrow.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


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