Thursday, February 7, 2013

Recap of Workout Day 20 of “Build Your Best Body” + A Very Special Birthday

Quick recap of yesterday…I started writing this post yesterday but then my day got too busy and I didn’t have time to finish it…

I needed this workout to kick start my busy day today.  I tightened up my resistance band to get more of a challenge.  It’s not that I wasn’t challenged the other day but for some of the moves such as the Biceps Curls, I needed more resistance.  The recommended reps for most of the resistance exercises, is 12-15.  I think next week I will tighten the band a little bit more.  I can do 15 reps for each one.  Today was a little bit tougher, so Friday I will see how it goes and then go from there.

Thursday February 7, 2013

My little girl’s 5th Birthday!!!!  This post is all about her…

On this day 5 years ago my husband and I went to the hospital and at 12:23pm had this beautiful little girl…

I nicknamed her “Little Miss Sunshine” and she has lived up to that name to this day.  She wakes up each day with a smile on her face even when she is feeling ill.  Okay…there have been a few days over the last 5 years where the smile has not come through right away, but it shows up not too long after.

She is a lovely little girl...

She is funny...

She is crazy...

She is a little DIVA. 

She is a leader. she's a DIVA here too.

She is beautiful. 

She is SO much more…

and most of all…

She is mine...

                                                Happy 5th Birthday Baby!

Today we had a great day in the daycare and my little girl had her best friend over to take part in her birthday celebrations.  They had a blast!

I was extremely tired though.  I was up until 2:30am making her cake, cupcakes and cake pops, as well as wrapping her presents.  I set some of her presents out on the kitchen table so she would find them at breakfast time...

I set out a new princess dress in her bedroom so she would find that when she woke.  I was so glad when all of that was completed my bed looked oh so comfortable.  BUT…there was NO way I could get up 3 hours later to work out and still function in the daycare with excited children eating pancakes for lunch, cupcakes and cake.  My alarm didn’t wake me this morning at 5:30am, but the birthday girl did.  I think my husband must have kissed her and wished her a Happy Birthday before he left for work and he may have woke her up enough for her to catch a glimpse of the new Princess dress in her room, because I woke up to…“MOMMY, is it time to get up yet?”  She must of thought I was downstairs, but I called to her to come and snuggled with me.  She threw her arm around me and I wished her a Happy Birthday.  It was a very lovely moment.  She soon fell back to sleep, and so did I.  I had the cake made, presents wrapped, party bags made up I was ready but just needed more sleep.

With all the goodies that I had made for the kids, I started them off with healthy carrot sticks and fruit at first snack time.  I thought I must get in the good stuff before the not-so-good stuff was to come later in the day.  At lunch time the kids had heart shaped pancakes...

As requested by the birthday girl.
I would have made a healthier version of the cake but since I have fed them pancakes made with beets (the above pancake was chocolate chip) and carrot cake brownies, I figure I would use a “boxed” cake mix this time.  It was just easier this way since I wasn’t sure what I was going to do until yesterday.  She had mentioned that she wanted a Lalaloopsy cake for her birthday, but I wasn’t sure if I was up for the challenge.  Of course…I was.  I love a challenge.  But what was I going to do???

I baked up the cake and cupcakes yesterday morning before the daycare kids arrived.  When I leveled the cake, I used the cake top to make cake pops for the party bags.  I made the icing from the recipe from an issue of the Clean Eating magazine.  So they were part CLEAN.  I dipped them in dark chocolate and let them set (I did this late last night).

Yesterday I drew up this plan while the daycare kids were drawing and colouring…

So the plan was set and now to complete it.  The reason why I was up so late was because we had dinner plans with friends last night and didn’t get home until almost 10pm.  Luckily I zipped out to the store after I was done work to grab the supplies I needed.  I was good to go.  So the kids went straight to bed, and so did my husband and I was left in my kitchen…ALONE.  All alone right till the end.  You know who I would have liked there though, one who I have not mentioned in a while…My kitchen-cleaner-upper…well my wishful kitchen-cleaner-upper…
I don't think I would have got the cake completed though.

My kitchen was, and still is a disaster, so there is still work to be done if he showed up at any time.  I think he’s playing in Toronto soon, so a stop in Waterloo wouldn’t be too far out of the way.  Would it???

Here is the reason why my kitchen is such a mess.  The finished Lalaloopsy Cake for my little girl’s 5th Birthday…

The pin cushions, buttons and spools of thread are all made out of chocolate.  I stuck those around the cake today without my daughter seeing.  The button eyes and mouth, I made from chocolate as well.  

Once all the children were home from school we sang Happy Birthday and had the cake for second snack.  But before we sang, I wanted to take this picture of my daughter and the cake before sticking in the candles.
It was worth staying up late.

This is what the massacre of a Lalaloopsy cake looks like…

Tonight we went out for dinner to my daughter’s restaurant of choice.  She picked Boston Pizza.  I was glad because then I could order their Bacon Wrapped Steak Skewers that I love so much.  I was supposed to have steak last night, but because we went out for Indian food, it didn’t happen, so tonight I wanted my steak. 
It was very good.

So with the busy day that I have had, I did not to any “formal” type of cardio workout, but I did run up and down the stairs A LOT today.  And now I am tired and ready for my bed.  I have had a lovely day with my little girl, but it’s time to put her to bed as well as myself.  

I will get some extra cardio in this weekend.  I have the Spin12 taking place this Saturday.  If interested in sponsoring me, please take a look at the “Events with Me” page for more information.  Tomorrow is back on to Workout Day 21.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night



  1. She is adorable. I know this is late but please wish her a happy birthday from me.
    And also the cake looks super delicious

    1. Thanks Yummy Mummy. I will pass your birthday wishes along to her. You know kids, they wake up and they say things like, "Is it still my birthday?" LOL The kids thought the cake was delicious, I was good and said "NO" to the cake.

      Thanks again
      Stay Strong!