Friday, February 8, 2013

Workout Day 21 of “Build Your Best Body” + Snow, Snow and More Snow

Short post...I'm tired.

I started my day with doing my BYBB workout and then made my way up stairs to see how much snow was dumped on Waterloo, ON.  My husband sent me a text telling me that the kids would be having a snow day today.  Buses were cancelled and the schools were all closed.  SNOW DAY!!!!!

I got dressed up in my warm clothes and made my way outside to shovel the 1st of out 3 times today.    

Here’s the breakdown:

Snow Shovel Workout #1 – 60 minutes – 400 calorie burn

Snow Shovel Workout #2 – 1 hour 51 minutes – 818 calorie burn

The snow plough dumped a ton of snow at the bottom of the driveway.
My shoveling time, my shoveling calorie burn.

Snow Shovel Workout #3 – 1 hour – I forgot to turn on my heart rate monitor
I help my neighbor shovel the end of their driveway.(no pictures)

I don’t mind snow.  I don’t mind shoveling but now my right arm is sore.  I will be okay tomorrow though.  I'm tough!

My kids decided to make a “make work project” for Mummy today.  I would shovel; they would slide down and leave a big pile of snow on the sidewalk again.  I think I shoveled the sidewalk about 10 or more times today.

Early this morning even before I began my workout, I came across a workout that I SO want to try.  And I will!  I ordered it today and I will talk more of it in future posts.  I will start it after I do Tapout XT or do it along with it.  The workout is more cardio with some strength training.  It looks tough but fun and it should give me the legs that I want.  More to come on this in the stay tuned.

I have the Spin12 fundraiser tomorrow.  Still unsure of the time, but tomorrow will be a busy day.  I have to take my husband to work, drop him off there and then make our way to a birthday party for a friend of my son's.  Then my daughter and I will have some "Mummy/daughter time".  Pick up my son after the party and then I think I will be spinning at the fundraiser.  After that, we will have to get my husband again.  I will let you know how it all goes tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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