Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Recap + Workout Day 22 of "Build Your Best Body"

Well yesterday wasn't a cleaning day.  I turned it into a lazy Sunday.  A lazy Sunday that started at 7am...What's with that?!?!?!?

It was a beautiful winter morning.  The frost and the snow clung to all the trees everywhere.  It was a winter wonderland.

Unfortunately we did not get out for a walk in it.  My husband had to work and we had some running around to do.  I will not bore you with my entire day, I will only tell you about a few things that happened.

I have heard some great things about Skora running shoes and decided to check them out.  I had checked them out online but before going forward with any orders, I wanted to try them on and see how they feel on my feet.  A friend of mine Courtney, has tried them and gave great reviews on them, so I thought I'm going to check them out some more.  The Athletic Locker in Kitchener carry Skora shoes, and best of all they were on sale for 50% off the regular price.  Actually...BEST of husband bought me the Form shoes for Valentine's Day.  So much better than chocolates...wait a minute...did I just say that there was something better than chocolate???

Let me share with you a bit about this company and its product…

The following is taken from their website

At SKORA, we look at things differently. We believe that running shoes should be built to encourage running performance that is as biomechanically correct as possible, with minimal interference. Our footwear lets people run naturally. Run Real is our philosophy and we stand by it.

SKORA is a new company with a new vision and philosophy. This means that we can do things differently and are not in a position of trying to follow all the marketing and design practices that are the foundation of conventional athletic brands and products.

Run Real is more than a statement, it is a way of conducting business. We believe that runners are smarter than most brands give them credit for. We are free-thinking and challenge conventional wisdom. We believe in common sense, rational principles and challenging the status-quo.

Here is the description of the shoes that I purchased…okay, well…my husband purchased for me…

FORM is definition of premium performance. Featuring a full-leather upper made of Pittards Goatskin leather with WR100X leather lining, FORM is designed with asymmetric lacing and no-tongue construction to provide a glove-like fit in combination with stitch-down construction and an Ortholite sockliner. A perfect balance of comfort, cushioning and control, FORM will take you further on any road, trail or running surface you throw at it with a Zero-drop, 9mm stack height platform engineered for excellent ground feel. Be one with your run, in the definitive style-icon - FORM.
FORM is built on the R01 platform composed of the REALFIT™ last, developed to offer a unique anatomical fit that closely matches the foot’s shape. The R01 platform also features a zero-drop outsole/midsole with minimal cushioning and a curved section profile in both the forefoot and heel. This allows for optimal natural movement and performance.
I have not used them as of yet for a run, but I did wear them around the house yesterday once we got back home.  You know me though...Wimpy-weather-runner, so it may be a few weeks for I try these bad-girls out on the road.  But I will let you know as soon as I do.  I do not run on a treadmill so they may have to sit in the box for a bit.  Here is a blog post I found on the Skora website.  SEE…I don’t want to get hurt…I don’t have a treadmill to run on, so I am using my common sense and staying indoors and doing my other workouts…LOL.

I went out for groceries and picked up what I needed for my dinner last night, Jumbo Shrimp.  My husband and kids don’t like it so they ate while I was out shopping.  Yes, it was a late dinner for me, but it was SO worth the wait.

Dinner: Jumbo Shrimp served with Brown Rice Pasta, Zucchini and Onions

OMG…can’t wait to have this again.  
It was the first time I have ever had brown rice pasta, and it was great.  I cooked it in vegetable broth instead of water just to give it a bit more flavour. 

SO good!

Here is a recap of some of my other meals on this lazy crazy Sunday…

                 Strawberry Banana Protein Shake
                                                                                  Scrambled Egg White Pizza 

Today Monday February 11, 2013

It was a year ago that I received my copy of Body Revolution in the post.  WOW!  It seems like only yesterday that I first started doing that program.  I had just done the SPIN12 that same weekend and was patiently waiting for my BR program to arrive.  I started that Monday off with Jillian’s Extreme Shed & Shred and later that day, there was a wonderful delivery to my door.  No it wasn’t my “Kitchen-Cleaner-Upper”; it was my copy of Body Revolution.  I spent that evening going over everything and decided to start it the next day with Day 2 of the Kickstart.  If you are just joining me now on my journey but are interested to hear about Body Revolution, travel back in time…one year ago…

That was a year ago, and now I am working through this Oxygen Magazine program which I love too.  It takes a little bit more self motivation when doing a program from paper rather than a DVD.  But don’t let that stop you, just get some great music, your note book and pen…push play and…Get…It…Done.

Self motivation, yes it can be hard at times.  Like take today for instance…I woke up and did not feel like doing my workout this morning.  However, I got it done this afternoon. 

This workout I can do in about 45-55 minutes, depending how many reps I do of the plyo exercises.  During my first week, actually first day of doing these new exercises, I sustained an injury to my left knee.  Nothing serious, just some skin rubbed off from my knee.  

This injury occurred during the Plyo Push Ups from the Knees.  For the remainder of last week, I placed a towel under my knee but it still rubbed and started to bleed again.  So, today I thought it might be better if I had long pants on…NOPE.  It started to bleed again during the first set.  SO…I did set 2 & 3 from the toes.  Yes, yes I AM a BADASS!!!  LOL

I told you the other day about a workout that I found online, but I didn’t say much about it.  I was surprising a friend with it and I didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag.  Well it arrived at her home today.  My copy will be arriving soon too.  What is it???  You ask.

It is a workout that I have been waiting for since last year.  It wasn’t that I heard about it, it was that I thought that this person should do a workout DVD, and now they have.  

“Come on girls.  Do you believe in love?  Cause I’ve got something to say about it, and it goes something like this…”

Get ready to…“Strike a pose”.

It is none other than the Queen herself…MADONNA!

Oh yes!  I have told you in the past that I wanted to have shapely legs like Madonna, and now is my chance to do a workout that she and her trainer have developed.  Today I saw a clip from Good Morning America via Facebook, in regards to Madonna’s new workout DVD Addicted to Sweat.  

Madonna’s trainer told the reporter that her and Madge workout 6 days a week for 2 hours.  Okay so maybe I won’t be doing the 2 hours, but I already do the 6 days.  There are some days that I get in 2 hours, but not everyday.  It’s going to be fantastic!!!!  Don’t worry, I will still be working my way through the Oxygen Magazine program and I am still on track to start TapouT XT on April 1st.  I will combine this new cardio and strength with whatever program I am doing at the time I receive it.  

Check it out!

Today’s food…
Breakfast: Egg Sandwich

This one was very similar to last Monday’s breakfast.  The only difference was 2 egg whites and 1 egg (today) vs. 3 egg whites (last Monday).

Snack: Chocolate Almond Butter Protein Shake

I changed this one from peanut butter to almond butter.

Lunch: Tuna with Steamed Spinach, Avocado and Brown Rice Pasta
I changed this one too.  It was supposed to be served with Brown Rice, but I enjoyed the brown rice pasta so much last night, I decided to use it for this lunch too.  Before cooking the pasta I broke it into small pieces.

This was so yummy!

Snack: Greek Yogurt and Pineapple
Today must be all about change...
I change the grapes to pineapple, and added a dash of cinnamon.

Dinner: One-Dish Baked Omlette

Yes…I changed it…sort of.  I didn’t bake mine.  I don’t have a cast iron pan that I can put from the stove top to the oven.  I guess I could have baked it in a small cake pan or something like that.  Regardless of how I made this, it was very good. 

Another day with lots of great food, good news about a new workout and a solution to my sore knee…Life is AWESOME!!!

Tomorrow is a free day for me to do whatever kind of workout I want to do, most likely some sort of dance workout.  I have to get my dancing legs ready for Madonna. 

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


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