Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Workout Day 23 of “Build Your Best Body”

Guess what????  I woke up at 5:30am this morning.  I think it was because my daughter was using my rock hard abs for a leg rest, and I had to move because I was not comfortable.  She is such a little bed-weaver.  She fell asleep in our bed last night, but I carried her back to her own bed, but some time in the night she made her way back.  But as I have said before…this is not going to happen forever, so I will get crappy sleeps and some lovely cuddles while it lasts.  She turned 5 years old last Thursday, and she is already talking about being a teenager.  LOL

NO excuses!

So yep…me out of bed at 5:30am this morning, so that means that I got in my BYBB strength training workout AND my Quick Fit Burlesque workout.

I ROCKED out more Plyo Push Ups from my toes again today.  I just can’t do them from my knees anymore.  I tightened up the resistance band a little more too on Monday and I tried even more today for some of the moves…like Biceps Curls and Overhead Press.  I’ve got to work those triceps and biceps…Sexy, strong arms to show off once the nice weather comes our way.  

This morning and yesterday morning I wore my new Form shoes by Skora Running for my workout.  

I know they are built for minimalist running, but they are great for dancing too!  When I first started doing my dance workouts, I told you that I felt awkward dancing in running shoes.  I am not a running shoe wearing person, with the exception of when I am working out.  So to dance in running shoes, I have always felt very clumsy.  Not anymore!  When I did my dance workouts yesterday and the one today, I felt very light on my feet.  So I will be wearing my Skora Running Form shoes until I progress to doing my dance workouts in heels…LOL…heels…not really.  Well maybe when I get my Madonna workout…no not when I get it, but rather when I have done it hundreds of times.  Somehow, me thinks, I will be sticking to my Skora Running shoes for my workouts.

Today’s food…
Breakfast: Banana Blueberry PB Shake
This was really good, but I like eating my breakfast and not drinking it.  I would rather have a shake for my snacks.  It was Purple Power time!  I love the colour of this one…

Instead of regular natural peanut butter, I used PB2 instead.  So good, and saved some calories too.

Yesterday I got a package in the post…check it out…
 The Chocolate PB2 is SO good!  It’s almost dangerous.  
I ordered these items through and so can you.  If you are a first time customer with iHerb, you can use my discount code RGZ462 to receive a discount off your first order.  They included the nail file shown in the picture, and a sample of fish oil capsules with my order.  I love free stuff!

I mentioned the other day that the PB2 is a powdered peanut butter, and all you have to do is mix it with water and stir until smooth.  Here is a shot of the before and after...

It will be great to throw in my Chocolate PB Protein Shake that I have on the menu for a snack tomorrow.

Snack: Salmon & Avocado on Rice Cakes

Okay, okay so I can’t help but changing things up.  This was supposed to be tuna, but I ran out.  So since I LOVE salmon, I just made the substitution.

Lunch:  Roasted Chicken & Basil Pizza

Change up time again.  I will explain this one too (I don’t seem to be very organized this week).  Last night I was to have steak, but only remembered half way through the day to take it out of the freezer…so no steak was eaten last night.  Instead I had one of these chicken pizzas.  I had some leftover chicken in the fridge and decided I would make a pizza similar to the Scrambled Egg White Pizza I had the other day.

For today’s and last night’s pizza, I used a whole wheat tortilla as the crust.  Spread minced garlic over it and then topped it with my homemade salsa…oh wait…my Mum’s homemade salsa, mine is all gone.  After the salsa went on, I placed the roasted chicken, fresh basil and low fat mozzarella cheese on the top.  I placed it in the oven waited for the cheese to melt and enjoyed it very, very much.  Quick, simple and oh so good!

The minced garlic..........................The salsa
The chicken and basil.......................The cheese

Snack: Hard Boiled Egg Whites and an Orange
I ran out of apples.  So I subbed in an orange.

Dinner: Steak served with Broccoli & Sweet Potato

Finally at last I can have my steak!  I was to have steak last Wednesday, but we went out for dinner instead.  Oh but I had that one the next night…didn’t I???

I ran out to get some more apples for school lunches and snacks.  So that allowed me to enjoy another Jazz apple and some PB2 while I am writing this post.

Well tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and while the chocolates and sweets may be flowing, make sure you get your workouts done. 
Dark Chocolate and Coconut Bonbons
Made from my own two hands.  Clean treats all the way!
These are Teacher's Valentine chocolates.  I will box them up and send them to school in the morning.

I will be wearing my Valentine gift again in the morning while I workout, my Skora Running Form shoes.  Love them!  Love my husband, thanks mate.  A little more dancing I think will be on the agenda for the morning.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


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