Monday, February 18, 2013

Workout Day 25 of “Build Your Best Body” + So Much More…

Today here in Ontario Canada it was Family Day!  I was able to sleep in a bit later; I got to spend the entire day with my family.  I know I have been a bit quiet over the last few days, but it was more than just “family” day today, but rather “family weekend”.  We didn’t do anything too exciting as my husband and my son were both not feeling that great.  Rest day yesterday, turned into a full fledged clean up day in my home.  Today turned into a major workout day, I will explain…

So after having a bit of a sleep in this morning, I got up and made breakfast for my family and then FINALLY made my way to my workout area.  I was going to start the Oxygen Magazine “Build Your Best Body” workout right away, but then I decided since I had the day off, I started with Zumba Rush as my warm up.  While I was busy shakin’ my thang, my daughter came downstairs to see me.  She decided that she was going to workout as well.  LOVE IT!!!!  She pulled out her yoga mat and started dancing around on it and doing other exercises too.  By this time I finished my Zumba workout and proceeded onto the Build Your Best Body workout.  Well once my little girl spotted my resistance band I had to almost fight her for it.  We decided to share it.  LOL  After I started my workout, she decided she needed to get her running shoes on…well she came back in shorts, tank top, socks and running shoes…it made me SO happy to see this.  I knew that by what I was doing, was setting a great example for her.  Ever since I began my journey, she has always been an active participant in some of my workouts (well the weekend ones anyways).  Here are a few pictures to help tell the tale of my little girl’s fitness regime today…

 Here is a picture of her workout notes...

She wrote down her reps on her Hello Kitty note pad.  Each paper was for a different exercise.

She was joined by my son, but only for a few minutes, and then he went back to his LEGO building, and movie watching with my husband upstairs.  I think they were having a MEGA Batman-movie-watching session.
In the "workout" picture you will notice the little blue box at the end of my daughter's mat...that was her workout "T.V."  It's a wind up music/picture box.  LOL

Once I was halfway through my BYBB workout, my little girl wanted me to do her “Healthy Workout”, as she named it.  I told her when I was finished, we would do her workout.

I completed my Oxygen Magazine workout and was ready for what was up next.  Well at least I thought I was.  She is a little slave driver.

She had her workout stuff set up already and told me to get mine out and set it up the same as hers.  As I didn’t know what moves she had planned, I grabbed the 8 lb dumbbells…she told me I needed the “blue ones”…the blue ones are 10 lb dumbbells.  I knew I was in trouble.  Here is our gear all set up and ready to use…

We started off with some Squats and then more squats, and well you guessed it…even more squats.  Even though we were doing lots of Squats, it was the variations that were important.  Some were regular squats, weighted squats and the one variation that made mean laugh was the Sumo Squat that she had me doing.  Sumo Squats with heels up.  It wasn’t the exercise itself that made me laugh, it was what my little drill sergeant told me.  “Keep your heels up.  The floor is like lava, and if you put your heels down your feet will burn”.  Totally makes sense, so I didn’t dare drop my heels to the floor.

We did a few ballet moves, along with a weighted arm sequences.  She definitely knows how to work you hard.  After she showed me how to do one of her exercises on the floor with the resistance band and a chair, she came over to me and watched me to see if my form was okay.  She stood over me as if she was spotting for me, and then she guided my hands back and forth.  I was dying at this point…lol.  Then she said, “Just a few more”.  LOL She was so serious looking.  I told her that if she kept this up, she will make a great personal trainer some day. 

She had me doing Jumping Jacks.  Just when I thought we were going to stop them, she kept going and going.  She would definitely give Jillian Michaels a run for her money with the Jumping Jacks.

One of my favourite moves is this one…
She calls it the “High Heel Girl” 
You've got to love it!

Well after that grueling “Healthy Workout” by Lil’ M, I still had some energy left so I decided to get in another dance workout.  I completed the Burlesque Quick Fit Workout.  Plus I didn’t have to work today, so it was nice to do a little extra today.

Instead of doing all of today’s food, I am going to recap some of the other meals I enjoyed over the past few days that I did not tell you about.  If you follow me on Instagram @Phatsoslim you will have already seen most of them.  But here we go…

This here was the Shrimp Platter that I enjoyed on Valentine's Day.
We went out for a family Valentine dinner and this was wonderful.
The coconut shrimp was the best.

I did indulge in a couple of my own  homemade Dark Chocolate Coconut Bonbons...
Pretty fancy eh???

Here is a steak salad that I enjoyed the other day...
I used a bitter of the Artisana Coconut Butter that I bought from and placed it on the top of the steak while grilling it.  It was SO good!  I will definitely cook it like this again.

After cleaning like crazy people yesterday, we took a trip to Booster Juice...
I hadn't had one of these since last summer.  What once was a weekly thing for me, has become a once, twice maybe 3 times a year thing for me now.  I got the Pomegranate Passion with a energy booster.  I needed it after all that cleaning.  SO good!

Today I made up a batch of Kale Chips...
I know that they are not on the meal plan for the Build Your Best Body, but I needed to use up some of the Kale I had in the fridge.

The last two weeks have been rather all over the place with me following the "Muscle Up Plan".  During the first week of Month 2, it was my daughter's birthday and we went out for dinner a couple times and that kind of threw me.  I got kind of lazy in the kitchen...tisk, tisk.  It kind of carried on into the second week too.  I still ate well, but some of the meals were different from the actual meal plan.  I am not a machine and do not want to be.  I want to enjoy life, so if going out for dinner pops up here and there, I will go, but I will make good CLEAN choices as best I can.  Like the Shrimp Platter...instead of having the choice of potato or rice (they only had white), I chose to have double vegetables.
Here are just few more meals/snacks that I ate...
Cranberry Mug Cake
Cooking in the microwave...ready for eating.

Avocado on Rice Cakes
Healthy fats.
 This meal was delicious...

Grilled Zucchini with Steak and Brown Rice Pasta.

I think I will add in an extra BYBB workout this week for a total of 4 times for this coming week.  I’m just feeling like I need more in the way of strength training.  I am already at the halfway point of this 90 program so I am going to kick it up a notch.  So whether I add in another workout tomorrow or just stick with cardio, I will see how feel in the morning, I might be super sore from Little Miss’s workout. 

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night

It will be nice to soon be wearing tank tops and sleeveless dresses again.  Spring will be here soon.  Get your workouts done or I will get my little drill sergeant after you...

"Just a few more..."
Get. It. Done.

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  1. What a great post. It is so nice to see that you are inspiring your children (as well as us). That is so great that she is now coming up with her own workouts. The pictures are great too! Thanks for sharing.