Tuesday, April 16, 2013

TapouT XT Day 16 of 90

Day 16 = Strength and Force Upper XT + Ultimate Abs XT

Today’s workout of Strength and Force Upper XT has been the best one out of the 3 times that I have done it.  I am getting stronger with this one and plus it gave my calves a bit of a break.  Yes, they are still sore. 

Sore, but that didn’t stop me from going out for a run tonight for Boston.  I didn’t run a marathon, I’m not ready for that yet, but I did run 5.4km.  

During my last 1 km, Katy Perry’s song Firework played on my playlist, and I sprinted a couple times during the song, you know on the build up to “cause baby you’re a FIREWORK…” and it felt wonderful.  I was running into the setting sun.  This run tonight was the one to spark the runner in me again.  I am going to run a few more 5Km’s before getting back into my 5 to 10K training.

Tomorrow is the registration for the Color Me Rad 5K Toronto.  I went on their site today and noticed that they changed the date from August 17th (as I previously mentioned), to June 22nd.  I will be signing up tomorrow.  Let me know if you do too.

Getting back to TapouT XT…some of my favourite moves in the workouts that I did today are The Bader Roll in the Ultimate Abs XT.  You roll into Plough and then up into boat Pose, hold and then add 2 punches, repeat.  In the Strength and Force Upper XT, the Ground and Pound move is a good one.  With that one, you start in a plank on your hands, and then strike each elbow/forearm to the floor and then elbow up/elbow up back to a hand/straight arm plank, repeat.  And I really like the burn from the KILLER MOVE, the Karpenko Curls.  Today I tightened up my tension and really felt the burn.

With the fresh air I got tonight, I’m ready for my bed.  Nothing too exciting with my meals today so I think I will skip talking about those today.  Tomorrow is back to Plyo XT…jump…jump…jump…lunge…lunge…lunge…“To Quit Does Not Exist”.  So I won’t!  And neither should you!

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


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