Friday, April 19, 2013

TapouT XT Day 18 of 90 (Thursday April 18, 2013)

So I started writing this post yesterday, but never got it finished.  I will post what I had finished and move on to today’s post…

TapouT XT Day 18 of 90 (Thursday April 18, 2013)

Day 18 = Yoga XT

I decided to stick with my calendar and go with the Yoga XT this morning.  It felt good to stretch out and relax somewhat.  Yoga XT is not as relaxing as other yoga practice (workouts) I've done.  But it was still nice to chill out a bit.

I am still working on my Squat Challenge, today’s number…250.  I hope you are ROCKIN’ out your squats too. 

It is a beautiful 26C sunny day, loving the warmth.  I had to open the windows in the house to let the chill out and the warm air in.  Ah Spring! 

Stay Strong!


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