Friday, April 19, 2013

TapouT XT Day 19 of 90

Day 19 = Legs and Back XT

As part of my refocusing of my journey and to try and zap out of my morning sleeping-ness, I have set another alarm for 5am in addition to my 5:30am alarm.  I am allowing myself to hit the snooze button on the 5am one and I will be well ready to get up once the second alarm goes off.  It worked like a charm this morning.  With doing this, it allowed me not only to get my TapouT XT Legs and Back workout completed, but I also did my Burlesque Dance Workout.

It felt great to get both these workouts done this morning, but I did have to modify my TapouT XT Legs and Back workout due to working the leg band too hard (I guess).  I snapped my red leg band that was included in the program package.  

I do have another band, and I tried it but it was much too intense.  I will look into purchasing another one hopefully before I do this workout again.  If not, I will try the band I have again, and modify if necessary. 

I am being distracted while writing this post by the news of Boston on T.V.  A couple weeks ago my husband got satellite television set up here in our home.  It has been a long while since we have had real T.V. in this house.  So right now I am watching the events unfold in Watertown.  Very crazy stuff going on there and I wish that everyone stays safe. 

They have just captured suspect #2 as I sit here and write.  Let’s hope they get some answers to WHY? they did this horrific crime.

I am going to wrap this up now since I am so distracted and need to chill out now.  Tomorrow I get to Sprawl and Brawl XT style.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


Before I go, I just want to share what I ate for my breakfast this morning.  No cereal, no mug cake, no protein pancakes but rather...

Salmon Skewers

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