Monday, April 29, 2013

TapouT XT Day 29 of 90

Day 29 = Plyo XT

I was up by 5:38am and getting ready to jump start myself with TapouT XT’s Plyo XT workout.  As I have told you before, this one is not one of my favourites, but if you want a TapouT body you have to “Come and Get It!”  So that’s what I did this morning. 

It would have been SO easy to stay in bed on this rainy Monday morning, but I did NOT. 
Not that I could see that it was raining out, I just new what the forecast was calling for.  The reason I could not see out the windows is because when I repainted our master bedroom, I also put up some curtains with the “blackout” backing on them.  So that means our room is so dark now, you can’t tell if it’s day or night.  I think that is one of the reasons why I have been having trouble sleeping and sleeping in.  I like to wake to see some daylight peeking through, even if it is a dreary day like today.  Maybe I will tell my husband to pull the curtains back before he leaves for work in the morning.

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can make a BIG difference.  A smile, a wave or your little girl sitting on the school bus making the “X” and the “T” signs with her hands to give you that extra motivation to keep going with your workouts.  Knowing that what YOU are doing is having a positive impact on those around you.

Yep…as I was waving to my son and daughter this morning as they were about to leave on the school bus.  My daughter is doing something with her hands and I figured that she was signaling the X T from TapouT XT, so I did it back to her and she gave me the thumbs up.  LOVE IT!  Then my son mouthed the words “Check on Dingo”.  Then I gave him the thumbs up.  Dingo is his stuff dog, and best friend.  LOVE IT!  I had a permanent grin on my face all the way back to my house.

During the Plyo XT workout this morning, I still modified some of the moves to help me keep going.  This workout is tough but it is VERY doable.  I have to keep pushing myself to keep staying strong.  It’s been a tough year so far with “life” things, but I am a fighter and I will survive.

To keep me going as you all know I have registered for the Color Me Rad 5K run in Toronto happening on June 22nd.  I have also preregistered for the Color Vibe 5K run, date and location not known yet.  And now tonight I got a notification on my Facebook wall about another colour 5K run happening in Kitchener, ON, date and location still unknown, BUT I did preregister for that one as well.  

I will keep you posted on these runs as I get more information.  The Kitchener one may be on or around the 7th of September.  I am looking forward to all these runs. 

Today’s food…
Breakfast: Banana Pancakes (again)/Turkey Bacon
Yes I made these pancakes again.  Only today I added in a splash of vanilla extract and a dash of cinnamon.  And I topped them with honey and natural peanut butter.


Snack: Blackberries

Lunch: Brown Rice Pasta with Turkey Meatballs served with a Broccoli Coleslaw

I also added on a Mini Banana Sorbet Bar as a dessert.

Snack: Golden Delicious Apple with Natural Peanut Butter

Dinner: Salmon Skewer with a Greek Salad
We had to run to the mall tonight so we ate in the food court.  I tried to choose something as healthy as I could.  You know how I love salmon, so it was easy to decide when the Greek vendor OPA was serving up salmon skewers.  YUM!

Well it’s late again and I must get my rest.  Tomorrow is another new TapouT XT workout for me.  Another one I have not done yet…Ripped Conditioning + Ultimate Abs XT (which I have done).  So I am looking forward to seeing what Mike and his crew have in store for me…and you!

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


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