Sunday, April 7, 2013

TapouT XT Day 7 of 90

Day 7 = Rest Day

Ah my rest day, I enjoyed it very much.  I started this day off with my son waking me up telling me he was cleaning up his bedroom.  I would say THAT alone has made this a great day.  But it gets better.

I got up and jumped on my spin bike.  I know it was to be my rest day, but we were invited out to brunch, so I thought I better burn some calories just in case something sinful caught my eye and I gave in to temptation.
My children thought this whole brunch thing was great.  This was their first time at a brunch, their food choices for breakfast were priceless...
Double Chocolate cookies and croissants (yep they are my children) LOL
My son loves bacon and oh yes whipped cream (not together of course), so when he found out that he could have as much as he wanted, he was in food heaven.  But his eyes were bigger than his stomach.  He told me tonight when I put him to bed, that next time he "didn't want bacon, just waffles and syrup and whipped cream".  LOL

I tried to stay on track with my clean eating.  Of course I didn't know how everything was prepared, but I tried to make healthier choices as best I could.
Here was my breakfast, morning snack and lunch…

This was wonderful.  I probably could have done without the croissant, but I love them and I don't eat them that often anymore, so it was a nice treat.  My son and daughter both picked a chocolate mousse for dessert, and I did have a little taste of it.  It was very sweet tasting.  I was eyeballing a piece of chocolate cake or brownie, I wasn't quite sure what it was from where I was sitting.  When I finally made my way to the dessert table there was only one piece of chocolate cake was mine.  I brought it back to the table and this was the result...
I only had 2 bites and I was done.  It was not as chocolatey as I would have liked it to be, so that was it for me.  I'm glad I stopped myself from eating this.  Going to brunch can make many people overeat.  You have to have self control if you want to make your body healthy.  Just because the food is there, doesn't mean you have to eat it all.  I did feel bad that the remainder was wasted, BUT at least this remaining chocolate cake won't be on my BUTT.

It was a wonderful brunch with some great friends.  Wishing our good friend Bill a very Happy Birthday!

After the brunch, we dropped off our little girl to her friend’s birthday party, and then I drove my husband and son back home and I was off to the spa.  Oh yes I was SO looking forward to this.  The Thai Treatment at Gina’s Spa in Waterloo is absolutely WONDERFUL.  I recommend it to you.

Here is a picture I snapped just before I was going to be pampered with this treatment.  Then I shut my phone off and tucked it safely away. 

This is the bed that I spent 90 relaxing minutes on.  The steam comes up out of the bed and feels wonderful.  Once the oils and mud has been applied to your skin, you are then cocooned from the neck down with the steam all around your body.  After some time, you are treated with a foot massage that is wonderful. Once your skin has been soothed with the oils, mud and steam, it is then cleaned off with warm towels, followed by a relaxing moisturizing massage, including a hot stone massage on the back.  
You will just have to book a Thai treatment to experience it yourself.

Here is a description of the Thai Treatment...

Enter the world of Thai. A complete treatment for body & mind inspired by ancient Tibetan philosophy where well-being and beauty are only possible when the four elements of nature; Earth, Fire, Water, Air are in perfect harmony. Awaken to a new dimension with a pure, holistic Ayervedic body treatment incorporating a unique 30 minute Thai body massage, a total body exfoliation and a heated herb and mud wrap. Approximately 90 minutes
Your therapist will help you choose from the following Thai treatments:
Om – for total well-being, designed to de-stress and detoxify while regenerating and balancing body and mind. Relaxing yet energizing.
Bham – for draining excess tissue fluids and stimulating fat metabolism. Slimming and moisturizing.
Lam – for nourishment to re-mineralize, nourish and hydrate skin tissue, reinforcing skin structure to improve elasticity and tone. Moisturizing, firming and toning.
Ram – to stimulate blood circulation; generate heat in the skin tissue for nourishment, combustion of cellulite, and also to purify. Anti-Cellulite and stimulating.
Thank you to Meola for making my time at the spa with the Thai Treatment very, very relaxing.  I will be back again.  It was a great time to book this appointment because it was a good kick in the butt to my dry, dead winter skin.  I feel refreshed and as I said, very relaxed.  After picking up my daughter from the party, I went home and rested on the couch and feel asleep.  Another great thing that happened my husband had all the dishes washed and the kitchen cleaned up.  AWESOME!!!!

I didn’t feel like cooking up a storm, I didn’t feel like going grocery shopping…so I didn’t.  It was a REST DAY, and a great one at that.

Thanks to everyone who made this REST DAY fantastic for me.

Even though it was my TapouT XT rest day, I still needed to get my squats done for my Squat Challenge.  After my spin, I jumped in the shower and while my conditioner was doing its thing in my hair, I got in 25 squats in the shower.  If you try to do these too…be careful.  I planted my feet firmly against the floor and made sure I would not slip before I started.  BOOM…25 squats and showered off at the same time.  That’s called multi-tasking baby!  I wanted to get them all done before I went to the spa, but I didn’t so I still need to get some done after I post this tonight, and I will.  I have 50 left to do.  Don’t worry though, I always get them done.

I just checked my workout calendar and tomorrow’s TapouT XT workout is Competition Core.  This is one that I have not done yet.  I’m looking forward to it.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


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