Sunday, April 7, 2013

TapouT XT Day 6 of 90

Day 6 = Sprawl and Brawl

Oh yeah baby!  I was sprawling and brawling this morning.  I also added Ultimate Abs XT at the end of my workout.  I had the extra time today so I thought I would try it out again, this time with my Suunto heart rate monitor on.  If you recall I did the Ultimate Abs XT the other day later in the evening with no HRM and no workout right before it.  I guesstimated the calorie burn at 110.  Well, I wasn’t that far off.  Today’s calorie burn for the Ultimate Abs XT was 124 calories.  So I was probably bang on with my guess for the other night.  Since my heart rate was elevated from today’s Sprawl and Brawl, I probably burned those few extras because of that.  I felt better too while doing the abs workout today.

Okay let’s get down to the Sprawl and Brawl.  This workout is about 47 minutes in length.  The Warm Up is 3:18 minutes; the workout itself is about 38 minutes.  The KILLER move, Fall Down/Push Up/Mountain Climbers, is performed for approximately 1:30 minutes, followed by the Cool Down which is about 2 ½ minutes.

Lots of legs work in this workout too.  More Squats, Lunges and Burpees to give the legs a great workout.  The Brawling comes in with lots of Punches, Elbows and other strikes.
I really like the Fighters Burpees with the Punches.  At first I thought I was doing it wrong and then I got the hang of it and I looked like a pro.  Many people don’t like doing Burpees, me, I don’t mind them at all.  It was nice to mix it up with the punches added in.  If you are one that doesn’t like Burpees, stay strong and don’t throw the towel in.  Do a few of them and then modify for a few reps and then get back to the Burpees.  That is what I used to do, way back when I first started working out.  Like Mike says, “To quit, doesn’t exist”.  Stick with it and you too will come to like Burpees more and more (well maybe just a little bit more).

The reason why my post was short yesterday was because we went to the Drive-in movies last night for the first time this year.  We were going to go Easter weekend but it wasn’t open yet for the season (at least I don’t think they were).  We packed our sleeping bags and pillows and snuggled up in the back of our SUV and opened the back and enjoyed the two movies that played, Olympus Has Fallen and The Call.  The kids didn’t last, but my husband and I both stayed awake till the end.  I thought for sure I would be freezing, but I was wrong.  I was toasty warm, but not 100% comfortable.  Next time…we need to take more pillows.

Here we are snuggled up and getting ready for the movie to start…

Oh yes, and me, I just turned my computer off after writing last night’s post, be unable to post it until we got back home.  
No internet connection at the drive-in.

So tomorrow is my TapouT XT Rest Day, but not for my Squat Challenge.  With that I have 160 squats to do.  My rest day is going to be awesome; I will tell you more about it tomorrow. 

Another short post again today and yes it is now past midnight and I don't even have this post finished, so technically it is now my rest day.  It was a busy day of working out, sewing, shopping and more sewing.

My daughter has a birthday party to go to, so I made her up a dress to wear to the party and made an apron and matching oven mitts for her friend.  Sorry no pictures, I forgot.

While my daughter is at the birthday party on MY Rest day, I will be at the spa...ahhhhh.  Can't wait.  After being uncomfortable at the drive-in and the beating my body is taking from TapouT XT (love it!), I will enjoy every minute of the 90 minute Thai Treatment I am getting.  I definitely "earned this with sweat" and late nights, and being a foot rest or pillow for my 5 year old in the middle of the night, and all the shoveling of snow I did this past winter, and hmmm.....what else????  Oh yeah!  I'm a mother.  Every mother should pamper themselves with this treatment.  Or better yet, let someone else pamper you with this treatment.  My husband and children bought me the gift card for the Thai treatment that I will be having.  I have been carrying around the gift card for almost a year, so I am glad I finally made the appointment.  I will be like butter tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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