Saturday, April 6, 2013

TapouT XT Day 5 of 90

Day 5 = Legs and Back XT

More LEGS!!! Thank goodness today is my Rest Day for my Squat Challenge.  I think I did more squats today in the Legs and Back XT workout then is required for the entire month’s challenge.

This workout did not happen this morning at 5:30am though.  As I have told you the last few days, my body was feeling the TapouT XT effects, and with my little girl staying in her bed last night, I got a great sleep and did not want to move this morning.  I knew that I would have a chance to get it done this afternoon.  And I DID!

I NEEDED that extra rest this morning.  I felt a bit guilty that I stayed in bed, but my body felt much better.

I strapped on my Suunto Heart Rate Monitor (HRM), put on my Skora Running Form shoes, grabbed my resistance band and it was GO time.  Well almost.

I began the warm up and finished the warm up and then they moved onto the first move in the workout.  I needed my TapouT XT Leg Resistance Band which I did not have with me.  It was located way down in the basement, and I was up in our loft/attic.  I was thinking of doing the workout without the band, and then I thought… “I better go get it, so I did.  I added a few extra minutes to my exercise time by running down 3 flights of steps and back up again.  A few extra calories burned too.

Once I was back up, it was GO TIME!!!

Beginning with the leg band wrapped around both feet…
we march…knees up…not too bad.
Then we kicked it up with some added Plyo to the same move.  The moves with that little red leg band get tougher as the workout moves on.  It’s moved from your feet to your ankles to your hands.  We also use the larger resistance band too…Remember if the resistance is not enough, wrap it around your feet to get the challenge you need to make your body change.  There is a move that I wrapped the band around my feet while they did not.  It was the Squat Press with a Hop.  This move made me laugh and it was the reason why I wrapped the band.  When my 5 year old daughter was putting me through her workout on Family Day back in February, she had me doing this exact same move.  While performing this move, the band slipped up off my heels and slapped me in the back of the legs and in the A$$.  I couldn't help laughing as the tears welled up in my eyes.  So today, I thought of that, and I wrapped the resistance band around my feet without hesitation.  No slapping of the legs and A$$ today.

This workout runs about 41 minutes in length from start to finish.  I had added 2 minutes with the running of the stairs to get the band.  I had a calorie burn of 410.  That’s pretty good for a 41 minute workout.  Again with this workout, I felt a bit awkward too since it was my first time through it.  Next time I will know what is coming up next and which bands I should have on hand.  Just as all other the workouts go; there are plenty of water breaks throughout.  But you have to EARN them.  I love the TapouT XT slogan, “To Quit, Does Not Exist”.  Even when you are starting out and doing this workout for the first time like I am, I don’t quit, I just modify if I need a break.  The breaks that I take now will not be around much longer.  I know how I am and how I work, and I know that I will learn the moves and increase my resistance more and more.  Progress is what’s important.  I will talk more about this workout when I do it again.

I have to cut this post short tonight without Today’s food.  I will explain “why?” tomorrow.  The picture above may give you a hint.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


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