Thursday, April 4, 2013

TapouT XT Day 4 of 90

Day 4 = Yoga XT

After the Plyo XT yesterday, Yoga is what I needed today.  

It felt great to stretch out, but things were also sore, which made some of the stretches tough.  With being in a lunge position about 60% of the workout yesterday, my legs and butt were very tender today.  That soreness that I am feeling (and you too if you are also doing TapouT XT), that is the sign that we are getting out of our “comfort” zone while working out.  Good Job!

Yoga XT is about 51 minutes in length, including warm up, workout, yoga abs and a cool down.  In Yoga XT you have Up Dog, Down Dog, Planks, Push Ups, Warrior Pose, Side Plank/Leg Combo, Child Pose and many others. 
Warrior Pose
Not the best pictures, but I had to keep the focus on the workout.
The leg picture is of the Warrior Pose with the heel raised...Ouch!

The Side Plank/Leg Combo is a good one.  Begin in a regular plank and move into a side plank.  From there, lift the upper leg up to the sky (okay…well maybe not that high just yet, but you know what I mean).  After lifting the leg, bring your knee in towards your chest (or close to it) and then extend the leg forward…you’re not done yet…move the leg to the back…yep…back behind you with your foot off the ground.  All this and you are STILL in a Side Plank.  This is then repeated on the other side and leg and then run through it again both sides.  I was much better the second time through.  I really liked this move.  I did have to set my foot down on the ground when I had my leg extended back behind, something to build on.

As I sit here now, my Triceps are sore, my butt is sore, my abs are sore and my back is sore and…and…and…Okay so I can feel it EVERYWHERE.

I mentioned in my other posts about the KILLER MOVE at the end of each of the workouts.  Well there isn't a “set” KILLER MOVE at the end of Yoga XT (before the cool down), BUT the last move is Roll to Boat and it is performed for about 1 minute 30 seconds.  So some could say this one is the KILLER MOVE.

Overall, it felt great to slow things down and stretch it out.  I want to do it again.  LOL

Even though I was sore, I still completed my 140 squats for my April Squat Challenge.  Tomorrow is Rest Day for the challenge, but I will be working Legs and Back with TapouT XT.  I am going to look Smokin’ hot if I keep this up!

Today's food was kind of boring and lazy-like, but here it goes...

Today’s food…
Breakfast: Chocolate Banana Protein Shake
It didn’t start out with the shake though. 

It started with Protein Pancakes and they did not turn out very well, so they went in the garbage and I made the shake instead.  The shake was SO much better.

Snack: Dark Chocolate Truffle Eggs/Popcorn

The chocolate is gone!

Lunch: Ground Turkey Egg White Omelette served with Cooked Carrots
I was lazy and wanted to use up the leftover ground turkey, but I wanted to changed it up a bit from yesterday's lunch.  I used "just egg whites" and threw it all in the pan and cooked it up and served it up with some cooked carrots.

Snack: Strawberries

Dinner: Pea Soup with Smoked Ham

This was a store bought canned soup that tasted great after getting home from my daughter’s dance class.  I didn’t feel like cooking anything from scratch so canned soup it was for tonight.

I have some great news that I have been waiting to be excited for.  You have read about my wanting to go into the Color Me Rad 5K run.  I have checked and checked for an event here in Ontario, Canada.  Last year the closest event was in Montreal, Quebec.  Well I decided to check the colormerad5K website again today and there it was…Toronto, ON August 2013…YAY!!!!!!  

Registration is NOT open yet, but you can sign up to receive an email to let you know as soon as you can register for the event.  Unless things change the event will take place on Saturday August 17, 2013 at 9:00am.  More details coming.  YAY!!!!!!!!
It's marked down in my calendar...can't wait!

I hope that some of you that read my blog and live in Ontario will join me in this fun event this August.  It will be a blast!

Check out what I got in the mailbox today...
May issue of Oxygen Magazine

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s TapouT XT Legs and Back workout.  I know that it will keep me out of my comfort zone…and that’s where change is going to happen.  I let you know all about it tomorrow.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


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