Tuesday, April 9, 2013

TapouT XT Day 9 of 90

Day 9 = Strength and Upper Force XT + Ultimate Abs XT

I almost didn’t make it this morning.  My alarm went off and I hit the snooze button…NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!  Yes I did!  BUT…I got up just before the second alarm sounded, got in the bathroom, got dressed, brushed my teeth and I was on my way.

I couldn't remember from last week what kind of moves I was in for with this workout.  “Was it the one with lots of Lunges and Squats or was it the one with lots of Push Ups???” I was thinking to myself. 

Well…it is the one with lots and lots and LOTS of Push Ups.  And I did most of them.  I kind of missed some of the demo ones, and then I took an early break during the Spiderman Push Ups (only 3 to go, but I didn’t realize that at the time).  I think I may have been late starting the Side to Side Hover Drops.  I took breaks, I didn’t quit.

Here is a list of just some of the moves in this XT workout…
All the blue highlighted moves are Push Ups or a form of Push Ups.

Chest scoop
Push up hook elbow
Front raise with chest punch
Push up upper elbow
Interval high punches
Ground and pound  
Push up with foot slap
Band in front -stretch
Side to side hover drops
Tempo Biceps Curl
Triceps push up
Jab/cross/8-4 (this is 8 fast/4 slow)
Octagon push up
Lateral lunge curl
Side to side hover drops
Midpoint stretch
Spider-Man push ups
Wide curl
Wide shoulder/narrow/octagon push up
3D hand
3 level biceps
Standing lateral raise
Snatch -like a clean and press but without the press
Overhead Triceps/Biceps wide
Push up with knee out -This one is like a crow push up
Snatch press- just like the clean and press
Lateral lunge pull
Superman power ups-to have great abs, you must have a strong back

There are many more moves and water breaks mixed in with this list above.  But you will just have to get your own TapouT XT program to experience the TapouT XT way.  Another BIG thanks to Santa D for showing me the way.  You ROCK!

Last week when I wrote about the Strength and Upper Force XT workout, I mentioned that Mike called on Mary and asked her “where she got her energy from”, and how I shouted out about her being a “Mum”.  Well it was during the Spider man Push Ups he asks, “Where do you get your strength from?”  And I again shouted, “She’s a Mum, that’s where she gets it from!”  She’s a woman too!  We are strong; and getting stronger everyday.  Go Girl Power!!!!

Remember in yesterday’s post I said I had to make sure I got up on time to get in the Ultimate Abs XT workout?  Well because I did not…I skipped a few of the water breaks during the workout to make sure I had the time to get my Abs Tapped Out.  It felt great to get both workouts done back to back.

Today’s food…
Breakfast: Quinoa Parfait

This meal is taken from the Oxygen Magazine “Build Your Best Body” meal plan.  I love this one!  But you know that already.  Don’t you???

Snack: Pistachios

Lunch: Honey Garlic Ribs
Thank goodness for leftovers.

Snack: Strawberries with a Chocolate Protein Whipped Cream/Sweet Red Pepper

Okay so the strawberries and whipped cream was an experiment.  Well the whipped cream was.  I tried whipping up some chocolate protein powder with whipping cream…result…not the greatest.  I may try making it a different way tomorrow and I will let you know how it turns out.

Dinner: Butter Chicken with Naan Bread
This was requested by my husband last night.  After all the daycare children were gone, I defrosted some chicken and made up this dinner for my family.  I made rice for my family and I had my Butter Chicken served over Quinoa.


After dinner I jumped on my spin bike for a quick spin.  I had a spin partner tonight...

I feel like I haven’t been getting in enough Cardio time lately.  So I am going to make a point of adding some in along with TapouT XT.  Hey, it will just help show off my TapouT XT Abs sooner.  Shred the fat, so my muscles can show off this spring and summer.

Yes Darlene, I am cursing your name with each and every Push Up…LOL.  But once I am finished, I thank you.  With tomorrow’s workout, it will be with every lunge and squat that I will do during Plyo XT.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


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  1. Hee Hee! I talk to Mike too! I detest those hover pushups :)