Wednesday, April 10, 2013

TapouT XT Day 10 of 90

Well today is the day I am supposed to take a progress picture.  I was half asleep this morning and forgot to take the picture.  Pictures are always better taken in the morning before your (well at least MY) body gets full of food and water.  If I don't take one tomorrow I will get one taken on the weekend for sure.  It will give me a few more days to try and shed some more fat.  

Here I am at the end of Plyo XT.
I didn't throw in the towel, I needed it to soak up the sweat once I completed my workout this morning.

Day 10 = Plyo XT

This morning’s workout was KILLER.  The Plyo XT workout is KILLER, KILLER on the legs.  It definitely takes you out of your comfort zone.  Once you are out of YOUR comfort zone that’s when change is going to happen.  Past workouts that I have done, state the same thing and TapouT XT is no different.  Mike keeps on reminding you of that as the workout goes on.  Sometimes you may feel like telling him to “shut up”, BUT that’s not going to do you any good, trust me…I’ve tried.  Let him fire you up, so that you can burn more calories.  

This workout is a tough one for the knees, so if you have any previous knee problems, make sure you modify some of the moves.  With lots of Lunges and Squats on the schedule, your legs really take a beating.  With the added Hops and Pops (AKA Plyo XT style) it definitely adds more pressure on the knees.  BUT, don’t worry…you will get stronger and it will not bother your knees as much as you progress.  I went through this with Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, but I stuck with it, modified when needed and I became stronger.  I too, am modifying some of the moves in this Plyo XT workout, because with mixing it with my Squat Challenge…my legs are sore.  And after seeing some of the exercises, you will see WHY my legs are sore.

As I said the Plyo XT workout has lots of lunges and squats.  I have highlighted all the Squats or moves that involve a Squat and left most of the Lunge moves in too.  There are many more moves that are NOT listed below…

Squat and kick
Front lunge/back/lunge/hop
Front to back Lunge hops
Lateral lunge with raise
Squat touch ground
Front lunge/back lunge/hop/hop
Lateral lunge raise
Squat/hop/3 punches
Running lunge - with a pause
Static lunge/pop switch
Lateral lunge/knee drive
Running lunge - no pause
Static lunge/hop/four uppercuts
Lateral lunge with curtsy kick
3 Pulse tuck jumps
Lateral hops
Low squat jump/elbow or punch
Standing speed skater
Stretch-low sumo squat hold
Broad jump lunge
Pulse lunge with speed bag (these SUCK!)<<<that's me talking
Pulse lunge with speed bag-other leg (oh yeah...these too! Because what you do to one leg, you do to the other)
Shoot the leg with sprawl

Tuck Jumps for 1 minute, at 34 seconds add two punches (I like these better when the punches are added, it gives your legs are break)

There are approximately 160 squats (or more) + 41 Pulses in this workout alone.  All the moves are timed, so you may to do more or less then these numbers, or what Mike and the participants do in the DVD.  Just remember to go at your pace, but make sure you are being challenged.

If I felt that I couldn't keep up a certain move, I would modify it or do something else.  Take for instance the Running Lunge.  First you do this move with a slight pause, and then after a few other moves, there are more Running Lunges, this time without a pause.  I tried, it killed, and I switched things up.  I performed the move, Running Man, to keep my heart rate up.  It’s a similar motion, just not as low or as deep (into a lunge). 

One of my favourite moves in two variations is the Shoot the Leg/3 Punches and then Shoot the Leg/Sprawl.  I also like the In/Out Jab Cross.  These moves sort of give the legs a slight break.  There are a few stretches in this workout as well; one of them is the Calf Raises.  It feels great!

A friend from asked me “How much space do I have to workout in?  Is it just a standard room at home, or do I have a home gym?”

I like to think of it as my “home gym”, but really it’s just a room in my home.  The space that is needed for TapouT XT is about the length and width of the space of a human X.  If you were to lie down on the floor and make the biggest X you can with the arms and legs, that about what you need.  A little extra all around is always a good thing because as you get stronger, your jumps and hops may get bigger and farther.  Even if you have to move the couch back a bit, DO IT!  A little extra strength training will only make you better.  Here is a picture of where I workout…

Well I’m hearing on the radio that we may not be done with Old Man Winter yet.  There is a winter storm watch in effect for tomorrow.  GREAT!  Last week I wore these flats down to the school bus stop and put my boots away, hoping that I wouldn't have to wear them again.  I did pull my boots back out to take to the Drive-in movies last Friday, but I have since put them away again, and pulled out my rain boots.  Let’s hope that the storm blows over and warm temperatures and sunshine shower us instead.  We shall see tomorrow.

Today’s food…
Breakfast: Quinoa Parfait
It was a replay of yesterday’s breakfast, because I had some leftover quinoa. 

 Snack: Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Shake

Lunch: Ground Turkey with Onion served with Hard Boiled Egg Whites and Red Pepper Sticks

Snack: Jazz Apple

Dinner: Ground Turkey with Onion and Mixed Vegetables

Snack: Popcorn
I had a hankering for some old fashion popped popcorn.  I used coconut oil to pop my kernels in.  I added just a dash of sea salt.  Delicious!  My son loved it!

Tomorrow I get a bit of a break.  With my Squat Challenge, it is Rest Day.  With TapouT XT, it is Yoga XT.  Ahhhh.....a nice stretch the XT way.  I also want to try and get some cardio in too, but it will have to wait until tomorrow night.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


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