Wednesday, May 22, 2013

An Evening with Jillian Michaels

Last night I was able to see in person, the one that provided the tools to get me where I am today, the one and ONLY Jillian Michaels. Almost two years ago I began on my journey to A Healthier Version o Me. It all started with eating better and exercising , and then, I started my first "Jillian" workout...her 30 Day Shred workout DVD. I completed that and had great results. So I decided to pick up a copy of her Ripped in 30 DVD, just to have some diversity...LOVED IT!!!  After completing these two workouts and achieving the results I wanted from MY hard work, I became a fan of Jillian Michaels. Her workouts are fantastic and you will get the results if YOU put the effort into them. She can tell and show you what you need to do, BUT if YOU don't put your best foot forward, you will of get the results you want. 

Last night she spoke of many things and was very entertaining. She stated the thing that everyone knows but not everyone follows. If you want to lose weight..."Eat less, move more".  So why doesn't everyone follow this simple rule of common sense???  I'm not sure. Everyone is different and we all have our own reasons "WHY" or "WHY NOT" I guess. 

Fear of failure was a big topic that Jillian talked about. Not just in the way of losing weight and eating right, by rather life in general. The same rules apply. Fear to try something new, because there is always the chance of failing, but that is how we learn. That's so true. Fear keeps many of us from doing the things that they really want in life. 

For years now I have thought of becoming a personal trainer , and as each year passes, the fear grows more and more. Even though I feel stronger than I did before, and I know that I would be great at it...BUT...I know there should be no BUT, but there is. It is the fear of failure that is stopping me right now. Fear that I may be too old to start that "something new", but I am going to research my options as recommended by Jillian and I will go from there. You know I will let you know how this part of my life will unfold. 

I mentioned that I am a fan of Jillian, and I have all of her DVDs, but I have never read any of her books with the exception of the books that came with the Body Revolution program. Some of you that went to see Jillian on tour, have told me that she covered a lot of topics and information that was in her books and that probably is true. She also enforces what she says in her workout DVDs too. "Believe in yourself", "Get out of your comfort zone", "move it!"  It was awesome to hear her say these things in person; it made it more "real".  So next time I do one of her workouts, I know that she is there to help me Stay Strong and that she's pushing me to get the results that I want and that I deserve. I do believe in myself and have been out of my comfort zone many times pertaining to working out, now I just have to do it with the rest of my life. 

So I am you g to tell you about the whole experience of the evening. My friend Courtney and I arrived I Toronto in great time. No crazy thunder storms to battle with on the drive. 
We were able to grab a quick bite to eat before the show. We made our way to the Sony Centre and as we were about to go in, there we some girls handing out samples of E Boost. It's a daily health booster that Jillian is endorsing. I love getting free stuff!!!  E Boost is a powder that you mix with 400 ml of water. I had to try one right away, so I emptied the pink lemonade E Boost in the water I had left over from dinner. Well it almost turned my face inside out. I was able to top it up with more water and enjoyed the rest of the drink while watching the show. 

Once inside the foyer, we noticed the Jillian merchandise that was on sale. We looked around and then I got in line to purchase a shirt for myself. It read, "Feel the fear Do it anyway". 
As I was standing in line, I was debating on which size I would get. I was thinking medium, well I ended up getting g a size small and I'm rocking it! 

We picked up our VIP packages and made our way into the theatre to our seats. Our seats were in the third row...awesome!!!  The music that was playing really made you want to get up and move. I did not get up, but the crowd was entertained by two little cuties on stage. Jillian's daughter and son came out on the stage and started dancing to the music. 

So cute. 

The show began shortly after...

We sat, we listened, we laughed, and we learned...we left, ah not yet. 

With our VIP seating, it included a 30 minute Q&A session with Jillian. She answered about 10-15 questions from some of us left in the theatre. It was definitely worth the extra money that we paid for the tickets. 

After the session, Jillian came to the front of the stage to greet some of her fans.  Her people were nice enough to give her a few minutes to sign some autographs and some people even got a photo taken with her. I tried to take a selfie, but it didn't work that well. 

I was lucky enough to get her autograph on my Body Revolution Phase 1 DVD folder. I also took with me a brand new copy of Jillian's 30 Day Shred DVD, and I got her autograph on that too. However, this little item will not remain in my possession. It is going to go to one lucky reader/follower/ could be you!! 

The rules for this contest are as follow:

1. You MUST be a follower of mine on Twitter and/or Instagram @phatsoslim
2. Leave a comment here on my blog about "Why you should win this autographed copy?"

The contest will closed Sunday May 26th, 2013. The winner will be drawn from all the entries and will be posted on Monday May 27th, 2013. 

Good luck to you!!!

After Jillian was whisked off the stage, we left the theatre and made a pit stop in the bathroom, and then headed to the car park. I know you're probably thinking "why is she telling us all this?"  Well, the evening did not end there. We got to the car and made our way out onto the streets of Toronto. We were on Wellington street when we came up to a red light. As we were sitting there, a white van pulls up beside us, I just happen to look over and then I noticed someone waving at us. "Who the hell is this waving to us?", I thought. Then I recognized the man from Jillian's show. He was the same gentleman that was calling out the time she had left while interacting with her fans after the Q&A session. I believe he is her business partner (but don't quote me on that). Anyway, he's waving, so I waved back to be polite, and then I noticed Heidi, Jillian's life partner, sitting in the van as cool. Not sure if Jillian was also in the van, but I thought it was pretty cool that we would just happen to be sitting there as her entourage pull up beside us...and then start waving at us...CRAZY COOL!!!

I snapped a picture of the van as it was turning the corner onto Bay Street. 

Little things like that kind of make us regular folk feel like Rock Stars. Who am I that they would be waving to me??? LOL. 

Oh yeah...I'm Phatsoslim!

That was the end of the excitement for the night. We returned to Kitchener/Waterloo. 

Jillian wi probably tour again next year and if she does, I highly recommend you "move ass fast" and get tickets to go see her. If you are one on Jillian's "Bitches", you will enjoy the show. 

I will be back soon with more posts to let you know what else I have been up to lately. 

Until then...Stay Strong!


Sorry if the pictures are all mixed up in this post. I had to write it on my iPhone and its much harder to edit things. Our wifi at home is still messed up. Hopefully I will be back soon, I am missing you all. 


  1. I'm not sure I'm eligable to enter living in the UK & all but seeing as Jillian isn't touring over here, I have no way of going along and getting my own autograph :)

    Like you, Jillian for me symbolises my whole weight loss and fitness journey. She is an idol of mine. I started out with the shred and then as you know from my previous comments on here - YOU - inspired me to begin my own Body Revolution.

    Your blog got me fired up and motivated and even had me start my own little blog (go check out my about me page, you're right there!)

    Anyways, I hope you get back to blogging soon, I miss your daily posts and they make me think, if she can get up and get it done, so can I.

    Take care, Vicki x

  2. I would like to enter also....but not for me, but my daughter Liz, who had my first grandson a yr and half ago and has been battling getting back down to a healthy weight. She has been doing Body Revolution (kudos for sticking with it) and is almost done. She is looking for something to do after the rotation. I think winning this would help her continue her journey of reaching her goal. She has dropped 24 lbs and I know she will continue until she reaches her goal of 35 lbs!



  3. Because I've been struggling, really struggling through some major circumstances over the last 6 to 8 months and need to get my fitness back on track to get a hold on the rest of my life. I've been a fan of Jillian's for years, and followed you along here through Body Revolution. My weight issue has been a constant thing, but over the last 5 years, I was mostly able to keep it in check. At the end of last year, there were major upheavals in my life and stress levels that just changed everything and set me back to where I started. So 30-Day Shred with all that energy wrapped up with it, both Jillians and yours, may help me get my mindset back and work off some of the stress weight. Great recap of your evening!

    1. Hey Joann,

      Congratulations! You are the winner of the autographed copy of the 30 Day Shred. Email me at so I can get your mailing details.

      Stay Strong!