Sunday, May 5, 2013

Phatsoslim’s Day Off (TapouT XT Day 33 of 90) + A Recap of Day 34 of 90

Day 33 = Legs and Back

Yes I started my Day Off with my TapouT XT Legs and Back workout.  It felt great to start my day off with a wonderful calorie burn and with doing it first thing; I knew I could enjoy my day without worrying that I needed to get a workout in later on.

After I KILLED my Legs and Back XT workout, I showered, got dressed and woke my children up to get ready for school.  Made their lunches, fed them their breakfast and walked them down to the school bus stop.  After they were on their way to school, I got on with my Day Off…Yay!!!

My first stop was to Tim Horton’s.  I bought myself Oatmeal with Berries and a bottle of water for my breakfast.  
So good!!!

Second stop…pedicure.  Oh yes, and then I fit in a manicure too.  After I had my fingers and toes pampered, I was off to my hair appointment.

Third stop…Xcentric Hair Studio to get a change.  While I was having my tresses treated and tamed, I continued to read The Beauty Detox Foods by Kimberly Snyder.  It was nice to have some time to chill out and read without interruption.  Through the winter I tried colouring my hair myself to help boost and shove off the winter blahs.  Well now that it is spring, I needed help, and Wendy from Xcentric Hair Studio did just that.  She turned it from blah to beautiful. 

She changed the dark red colour to a chocolate brown with caramel highlights.  I LOVE IT!

If you want great hair too, go see Wendy at Xcentric Hair Studio Uptown Waterloo.  The studio is at 42 Bridgeport Rd E. Unit 4 Waterloo, ON

After my hair was beautified by Wendy, I had to get back to my home to meet my son and my daughter at the school bus stop.  I was definitely overdressed compared to my usual attire of workout clothes and hair tied up.  I had my new dress on, hair coloured and curled, manicure and pedicure…it felt great!!!  After the kids and I got back home we had to jump in the car and pick my husband up from work.

And the day continued on…we planned to go see Iron Man 3 at the drive-in.  We packed up and made our way to our usual spot at the Mustang Drive In.  With the weather so nice, the place was busy.  We again had a great family evening full of fun.  Yes I was all done up and looking and feeling great, but spending the evening with my family was perfect.

I brought along my 6 Pack Fitness bag with some healthy snacks to enjoy while we watched the movies.
I packed it with fresh pineapple, watermelon, water and some avocado brownies.

I feel asleep during the second movie, Oz…The Great and Powerful.  I guess my day of R&R worn me out.  LOL

It was a late night…well make that an early morning with getting to bed.  But one thing about going to the Drive in on a Friday night, it makes the weekend seem much longer.

A quick recap of TapouT XT Day 34 of 90

Day 34 = Cardio XT + Ultimate Abs XT

Even though I didn’t get to bed until around 2am, I did get up and get my TapouT XT sweat on.  This workout is such a killer on the calves, especially during the warm up.  Always up on the balls of your feet hopping around.  A great calorie burner, and sweat maker.  I was joined my daughter again this morning for this workout.  She makes me laugh so much when we are working out together.  She kind of does her own thing and then all of sudden she joins me with the TapouT moves.  I can always count on getting a high five or a fist pump from her after we finish a move together.  LOVE IT!!!

If you eat clean and train dirty, you are setting a good example for your kids.  So do it!

Continuing with this Month’s Fitness Challenge…Just Plank It!

Yes I did 1 minute yesterday and 1 minute 15 seconds today.  I hope you got yours done as well.

Day 3 Just Plank It!                                Day 4 Just Plank It!

Tomorrow we will be stepping it up to 1 minute 30 seconds.

Until then…Stay Strong!

Good night


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