Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Getting Down and Dirty...

...with my running.  Last night I signed up for another race, but this time, it's time to get dirty.

The Dirty Dash on Sunday July 14th at Bechtal Park here in Waterloo, ON.

Since Sundays are my Walk & Stretch days, I decided to just do the 4KM run instead of the 8KM.  I will also be helping two other dirty runners in their first race.  My son and daughter are both very excited to take part in this event.  They will be running in the 1KM Kid's Fun Run.  They are going to get SO dirty!  Thankfully there will be outdoor showers to clean up in or else I'm afraid we would have to walk home, and that wouldn't be fun.

I was able to get my whites white again, 

so I think I will wear them to the Dirty Dash.  First they were covered in colours from Color Me RAD 5K, now it's time to get them DIRTY!!!

Before the Color Me RAD 5K run, I bought my son a pack of 8 white t-shirts, I think he has worn all of them since last Saturday...LOL...well at least 5 of them anyway.  He will be sporting one on those for the Dirty Dash.  And for my daughter, I picked up a pair of white shorts, white t-shirt and white tank top.  I will let her choose her "white" ensemble.  I will be sure to take "before" and "after" pictures and share them with you.  They are going to LOVE IT!

In addition to my 21K training program, I have also started Jillian Michaels Body Revolution again.  This would be Round 3.  My first round was strict and pretty much to a T with the program.  Round 2 was on and off through last fall, while dealing with a nasty cold bug.  After a rough start to the year (emotionally), which continued on for the past six months...YES...we are six months into the year already.  Where does the time go????  Make everyday count!

I had started with Workout 1 on Monday of last week, but with everything that was going on, I decided I would begin it this week. And that is what I did. I started with Workout 1 on Monday and Workout 2 yesterday. Instead of doing Body Revolution Cardio 1, I ran instead. That will probably be the I roll during this Round.  My running will be my cardio with  added cardio on some of my strength training days.

With the heat and humidity that we have had here the past few days, it has made my workouts much harder and sweatier, but I think that's what I needed to get me going again. I am a Leo and I love the sun and the heat.  I wasn't really feeling like running tonight, but I did it!  I got out there and I completed my training run of an 18 minute run, 2 minute walk, 18 minute run. I always feeling like I'm cheating when I get to the walking part of this training night.  

I know that it's all about conditioning the body to rest and then push harder. So I will follow my training and do what I am told.  My training will finish on the 23rd of August so if anyone has any suggestions for a good Half Marathon for a first timer, I would really appreciate the information. 

Getting back to Body Revolution...let me know if you too are doing it again or for the first time. Since doing BR the first time, I have come across some really great recipes that I will be mixing into my healthy diet along with some of the recipes from the Body Revolution meal plan. 

I want to take this moment to thank you for sticking with me through my journey. Your support means a lot to me. I was feeling crappy because I had a real crappy feeling in regards to my Dad. My blog posts had become few and far between as were some of my workouts. I didn't want to write and get you down because of how I was feeling. And without getting into too much of that, I am back now. Yes the next few months may be tough because of the loss of my Dad, but it also gives me a new reason to carry on and to Stay Strong on my journey. My Dad was always there for my entire family and I want to be there for them too. He was strong, loving and stubborn, and YES I am made the exact same way.  So I will not let sadness get me down.  I will remember all the wonderful things my Dad did for myself and for others and I will carry on as I know he would want me to. I will take care of myself so I can live a long and happy life like he did. And yes that life includes getting down and dirty.  

I hope if you live in the Waterloo, ON area you will join me at the Dirty Dash on Sunday July 14th. You can register online at Sign up for the 8K or the 4K and if you have children get them involved too with the 1K fun run for kids. We have to make sure are children are healthy and strong. They are the future. 

Before I leave you for tonight, I wanted to share with you my dinner, well part of it anyway. 

The salad is all homegrown from my potted gardens. I have planters on my front porch railings and this year I planted vegetables and herbs in them. With a few flowers for some added colour. 

My salad tonight was organic spinach with a touch of basil and some red and green leaf lettuce. So good and so great to know that I grew it all myself. That's thanks to the green thumb that I got from my Dad and Mum.

So good!

Tomorrow I will be getting back to Workout 1 in the morning and then hitting the trail or the road for a 30 minute run tomorrow night. 

Until then...Stay Strong!

And thank you again for your love and support.



  1. I came across your blog a couple of months ago when I googled Body Revolution results and have been following along. I got to week 3 and had a vacation then got off a couple of weeks so I am doing workout 1,2,cardio, 3, and 4 this week and will redo 3 and 4 again next week before moving on. Since I am so out of shape I couldn't keep up and wasn't ready to move on. Thanks for being an inspiration.

    1. Hey Southerner,

      Thanks for reading! Sorry for the late reply, I have been quite busy and with the hot and humid weather we had the past couple weeks, kind of lazy too. My running I have kept up, but not much of anything else. I don't have air conditioning in my home(which I don't mind, but my husband would like it), so we have been out other places trying to stay cool. This week has cooled down quite a bit so maybe I will get more done. Starting with this reply to you. I too kind of got off track a bit with the vacation time my family and I took. Again, I still kept up my running, but my clean eating kind of suffered. Once you've learned how to eat right and exercise, it's not too hard to get back into it. You already know the benefits of it all and you just have to remind yourself of those great benefits.

      I'm glad that I can be an inspiration to you. Always remember that YOU are worth every bit of sweat that comes out of your body. So keep pushing and your body will change and thank you for it.

      Thanks again for reading along.
      Stay Strong!