Saturday, June 22, 2013

I AM RAD!!! And I AM Canadian and That Means...

The next run with color I do, I want U to join me because the word coloUr includes U. So the next run that involves colour I am doing is, the Waterloo Running Series' "In Running Colour". It's going to be awesome!  The run is a 4KM run with colour stations along the route and it's all for FUN. For more excitement and fun, "In Running Colour" is having a 1KM fun run for the kids.  My kids are going to ROCK the place. 

My husband and our two children came with me today to show their support for me and my sister, and to get totally RAD. And that they did!!!  We ALL did!!!  Even my husband got hit with some unexpected colour. He was dressed for the weather, which was rainy, but he 's English so he was well prepared. Prepared for the rain but not for what our daughter had in store for him. A pink colour bomb!  I was stunned because I knew that he was keeping his distance from the crowds and the many colour bombs swirling around. But how could you escape this little cutie...

She asked me to pour the coloured powder into the plastic bag she got from her RAD glasses that she got, and then she turned and threw it on her Dad. He was covered in PINK powder.  Too funny. I wish I would have snapped a picture. (This took place after the run)

I was supposed to go out in the 10am wave, but SO many people lined up that it was probably more like the 10:30am wave that I started with.  It didn't matter though, I ran with my sister and we hit the colour stations and finished the run together. Here we are at the start line...
All nice and clean and the sun was shining for a few minutes anyway. 
We were closer and counting down for our turn to go. 

Here are a few pictures of me out on the course. 
Coming up to a colour bombing station...
Here we go with some colour...
This picture below is not very clear, but this was a liquid colour station...
They certainly made sure you were not wearing all white anymore. LOL

Yes, I was trying to catch some colour on my tongue. LOL

Coming up to the finish line there were signs letting everyone know to pick up a colour bomb to use at the end. 

Making my way across the finish line...

We made our way to the stage to blast our colour bombs and try to grab some Color Me Rad 5K swag. My son was priceless. He was up at the front dancing and jumping and scored some very RAD swag. 
There he is, right up there with everyone else. I love him!!!

He is SO very RAD!  We had a blast!

My son is now REALLY looking forward to "In Running Colour" on August 24th. And it is taking place very close to where we live. Yay!!! We will be there to party and get crazy with colour, and that involves U. I hope to see YOU there. If you register tonight or tomorrow, you can still use the coupon code "colourful" to receive $10.00 off your registration. That code ends Sunday June 23, 2013. So register NOW!!!!

Here are some more pictures from today's RAD event...

I am sticking to my 21K training, and I thought of running the course twice for my long run day, but I didn't want to miss all the fun my kids were having at the stage.  So once we returned home, I decided to lace up my colour bombed running shoes again...

...and go for another run. 

Still full of colour everywhere. 

It was a good run, but it was HOT!  I was thinking of running the trail, but then a mosquito got me even before I could get to the forest and I stuck to the road. I came back still full of colour and now I was a sweaty colourful mess. 

Time to clean up.  I think I got most of the colour off. I cleaned my ears after my shower and what should appear on the end of the cotton swab...PINK!!!  A little reminder of how much fun I had today. 

I had a wonderful time today and it's just what I needed to lift my spirits after a not so nice week. 

I am looking forward to all my future runs. 

Don't forget to register NOW for the "In Running Colour" run. You and your children will have a blast. 

Plus it will make them sleep too...
She's so cute. LOL Too RAD!!!

Stay Strong! 


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