Friday, June 21, 2013

I'm Going to be SO RAD!!!

Well it's the first day of summer. Yay!!!

It is also the eve of my first Color Me Rad 5K run.  

With all that has gone on in the past week, my excitement for this event is a little bit clouded. I have viewed pictures of past RAD events to help get me pumped for tomorrow, and it is helping.

 I know once I'm suited in my white gear and tutu...yep, that's right! I will be sporting my daughter's tutu. Well two of them tied together. I know that I have lost weight and inches but not enough to fit a 5 year olds tutu. LOL It's going to be awesome!!!

It's going to be an early wake up call in the morning for my family. I'm running in the 10am wave and my sister will be in the 10:15am wave. So we must get there early to pick up our race kits and I want to check out some of the RAD merchandise they will have there. 

Something else that has helped to get me back in the game...on Wednesday of this week, Color Me Rad 5K opened up registration for Kitchener, ON. SO much closer to home. Of course I have already registered for it. That event takes place on Sunday October 6th at Kitchener City Hall. 

How RAD is that?!?!?

As of right now, that will be my 3rd run involving Colour. AWESOME! Color Me Rad tomorrow June 22nd in Toronto, In Running Colour Saturday August 24th in Waterloo, ON 

and Color Me Rad on Sunday October 6th in Kitchener, ON. I have also pre registered for Run or Dye and Color Vibe, dates for these two are still not determined. 

I'm not sure if the run tomorrow is a timed race, (I don't think so) but in addition to running that 5K, I will also have to run approximately another 5K. I have been keeping up with my 21K training program, and with the shuffling of training days, my long run will now take place on Saturdays.  I wonder if they would let me run through the course again tomorrow???  Double the run, Double the colour, Double the fun!!!

We shall see what happens. 

Anyway, it's getting late and I need to get to bed. 

Tomorrow is going to be totally RAD!!!

I will be posting pictures on Instagram and Twitter @Phatsoslim, as well as Facebook too. 

I will try and write a post RAD post tomorrow or Sunday. 

Until then...Stay Strong and be RAD!!!


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