Saturday, June 8, 2013

Run Phatsoslim, RUN!

I began writing this post on Friday but did not finish it because my family and I went to the Drive in movies again.  So the first part of this post happened on Thursday and the remainder took place Saturday.

So here we go...

Last night(Thursday) this Wimpy-Weather-Runner was tested with low temperatures, rain, wind and a 60 minute run.

As I stood on my front porch I took the time to snap this picture…

And the whole time I was thinking of all the reasons WHY I should not do this run and stay at home where it was warm and dry.  But good news…those reasons were crushed by the one that pulled my out of the house in the first place.  I had something to prove to myself AND I put this out there yesterday morning on Instagram…

So this was going to hold me accountable for my actions later in the day.  Yes I thought I still could have wimped out, but then how could I call myself a motivator and inspiration to my children and YOU.  As I was getting ready to go out the door, my little girl put a sweater on and her running shoes and she wanted to come with me.  I LOVE IT!  But that wasn’t going to happen.  I asked her if she could run non stop for an hour without whining or crying.  Then I thought to myself, “Could I?”  I told her that we would go out another day when the weather is nicer, and not for so long.  I love her spirit.  If she was willing to run in the crappy cool rainy weather, I had to.  And that is what I did.

It wasn’t that bad once I got going.  The rain had let up a little after I started out, and the wind was not really that strong either.  Yes it was chilly to start out but once I was on the road and the blood was pumping, my body temperature rose and I was comfortable.

This was my after shot...

 So getting back to the present…

When I last wrote to you, I mentioned that my new goal was to run my first 10KM race this year.  Well since then, I downloaded a 21KM training app onto my iPhone and decided to start the training for a Half Marathon…that’s right…I said it, but I will say it again…a HALF MARATHON.  EEK!!!!!!!!  

So that is why that run I did the other night was SO very important to me.  I know that I will get hit with some other crappy weather, but at least I made it through my first challenge.  For all the runners out there…What has been the crappiest weather that YOU have run in and for how long (distance/time)?

So with my new goal put out to you…

Today’s run was to be 30 minutes.  The weather…sun and cloud with higher temperatures…no problem. 

Before I went out for my run though, I drove to Runner’s Choice here in Waterloo, ON and signed up for The Waterloo 10KM Classic.  Don’t get too excited for me for doing my first 10K race, I’m not just yet.  The race is on Sunday June 16th at 9am and that day is to be a Rest Day for me in my 21KM training program.  

So with the help of the two wonderful gentlemen at the registration, I decided to switch my Saturday run onto the Sunday and do the 5KM.  I am looking forward to this race.  And then the following Saturday, I have another 5K, with the Color Me Rad 5K run in Toronto, ON.  Yay!!!!! 

With signing up for the race, I got my choice of a Saucony water bottle or a pair of Saucony socks (shown in the picture above).  I went for the socks.  Just recently I have realized how important it is to wear good socks for running.  I had bought myself a pair of Under Armour training socks a few weeks ago, (which I showed to you in my last blog post) and they are wonderful, so hopefully these Saucony ones will be just as good.  I will try them for my next run on Monday.

After returning home from my registration journey, I strapped on my Suunto Heart Rate Monitor and hit the trail.  I hit the path to the right and tackled the hills that waited for me.  The trails have hills everywhere, some big, some small, but the path to the right has some real crazy ones.  I didn’t cover as much distance in the 30 minutes today, but I know that it because of the terrain.  I will run this same trail again and better my time.  I WILL. 

 After returning home from my 30 minute journey on the trails, my daughter was getting ready to go out for “her” run.  She wanted to go out with me again for the 30 minutes, but I told her that it would be too long for her.  So once she changed her clothes and put on some running shoes instead of flip flops, she was ready to go.  Together we made up a playlist to run to and we were ready.  We stopped on the porch to snap a before picture...

 We were off…as I started with a slower steady jog…she started to sprint, followed by some leaps, skips and jumps.  LOL She wanted to walk then but I didn’t let her stop yet.  We were only about a minute or two into it.  LOL As we went along the smile that you see in that above picture started to fade and was replaced by some whining and a frown.  Instead of stopping, I told her to slow down, she did and we made it through to reach our goal of 1.2KM.  She was glad when we were done running and we were walking, but then she began running again.  Crazy little girl!  

Here is our after picture…
The smile did return shortly after.  
And I’m glad it did.

We will keep running together to build our distance and better our time and maybe soon she too will be running her own 5KM race.  I’m so proud of her.

Well that’s enough of my babble for tonight.  Tomorrow is a rest day, but you know what that means…cleaning, gardening, grocery shopping and more cleaning.  Not much of a rest day.

Stay Strong!


 Inspire your children to be healthy...

It feels great!

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