Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rest, Recharge and Reset

Over the past week I have taken a break from my hardcore workouts of TapouT XT.  I have not quit, because I know that "To quit, does not exist!"  I was not feeling it and I was not getting the results I wanted or what I was expecting.  That was not due to the workout itself, but rather of me not FEELING IT.  On Monday, it was my 2 year Fitaversary.  It was two years ago that I started on my journey to A Healthier Version of ME.  Since then I have been going pretty hard and I think my body was telling me to slow down (just a bit), so I listened.  That is probably why I felt so run down last Fall and throughout the Winter.  At least that is what I am telling myself.  When I was teaching my spin classes, I used to tell my class..."If I'm telling you to GO, GO, GO and your body is saying NO, NO, NO...listen to your body".  Well it was about time I listened to MY body.  With the combination of TapouT XT and the last couple months of Squat Challenges and this month's Just Plank It! Challenge, my body started to shout NO, NO, NO!  I did not stop all together because that would be silly...right?!?! RIGHT!  I have kept up with my planks, well at least doing them, but not hitting the goal times set out for the month, but that's okay, at least I am doing them.  We are to hit 8 minutes by the 31st.  Let me know how YOU are doing with the Just Plank It! Challenge.  Any 8 minuters out there????  Let us all know.

In addition to the planking, I have been gardening (finally), running and biking while camping on the long weekend.  I bought myself a new mountain bike.  I have been on a spin bike for so long, I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to ride a real bike. LOL.  On Friday May 17th, I had a unexpected day off of work (YAY!), so...I decided to run, that's right RUN to the store and buy myself a new bicycle.  So I ran there and rode back.  Here is my new ride...

I was a little bit shaky at first but then I got the hang of it again.

Now getting to the running...

While we were camping on the Victoria Day long weekend, I got out for a nice 5K run through the trails that were around the conservation area.
This is my favourite part of this trail.  The path is lined by tall trees on both sides, it's lovely and so very peaceful.  It's beautiful!

Later that same day, my family and I hiked the same path down to the beach where my children enjoyed the sand and the sun.  Me...I was a bit chilly, but I enjoyed watching them have a great time.

I have been out for a couple more runs and the one I want to tell you most about is the one from last night.

First of all I should tell you about the new goal I have set for myself.  I was perusing through Instagram one day last week and I noticed something on the Under Amour for Women page, a contest...What is Beautiful? Set a goal, log it, blog it, vlog it...let everyone know about your goal and what you are doing to reach and demolish that goal.  So as I said I have set a new goal for is to run my first 10K race this year.

I have yet to decide on which race I will run but I will post it on my Events with Me page when I register for it.

Last night's run was just going to be a short one since I started out late, but it ended up being just over an hour long.  I started off running with just me and the snails on the sidewalk, and then it was just me.  Instead of turning right to head back home, I turned left and ran around the far side of a new subdivision they are building nearby.  On my iPhone I have the Nike+ Running app, and that is what I have been using lately to track my progress.  Well last night as I was running I snapped a few pictures and I forgot to resume the workout through the app after taking the pictures.  The pictures were taken at the 2.85 mile mark, the music kept playing, but it had stopped tracking my distance and GPS.  My mistake.  Next time I will know to hit resume after snapping my proof pictures.
The pictures are blurry because I did not stop running while snapping these shots.

Anyway, I kept on running and running and running.  As I got closer to my home, I thought that I would run to the bottom of our street and then walk back up the hill to cool down.  That didn't happen.  At the lights, the walk signal flashed at me and I kept going across the road.  Then I thought I would turn around at the first side street and head back home.  That didn't happen either.  Then I decided that I would run to the end of the street I was on, turn around and run back home.  That DID happen!  Once I got back across the lights, it was all up hill back to my home...I KILLED it!!!  I felt unstoppable!  I guesstimate my total distance at about 9km.  AWESOME!!!!!  I felt great!!!

I felt great last night, but when I woke up this morning my knees were a little sore so I decided to do some yoga as my morning workout.  I felt great once again.

My new goal...I am going to demolish it!!!  Maybe my next goal will be a half marathon.  Could this wimpy-weather-runner stick with the training for a half????  We shall see.

I am so looking forward to the Color Me Rad 5K run coming up on Saturday June 22, 2013 in Toronto, ON.

A few weeks back I bought myself some trail running shoes...Salomon XT Wings 3...I love them.  Last week I bought myself some Under Armour socks...they are AWESOME!!!!  
It's what's on the inside that makes things happen.
And this is WHAT happened...

I wore them the other day and my feet were so comfortable, it felt like I was running on a pillow-like ground.  Yes I know that may sound silly, but these socks were so cozy.  With the combination of the Under Armour socks and the Salomon XT Wings 3, the trail run was a breeze.  Loving the running lately.

A little reading with comfortable feet. LOL

I am going to cut this off now so that I can get some rest and recharge for tomorrow's workout.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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