Sunday, October 20, 2013


I completed my very first Half Marathon today.  And I have this gorgeous medal to show for it...

My official chip time was 2:19:35
 I am very proud of this time and is now my "Official" personal best.
The reason I say Official in "..." is because as I ran the half marathon today I also ran with my Nike+ app going too and according to that, I ran a total of 22.1KM.  I started it just before I crossed the START and shut it off just after crossing the FINISH.  It recorded the course, my times and it stated that I broke three of my personal records.

So these are my "unofficial" official personal records.
Getting back to today's Scotia Bank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon...
I knew that a friend of mine, Carrie was running the Half too and would be in the green corral ahead of me.  I was hoping that I would see her some point to say hi and congratulate her on this great accomplishment.  This one would be her second Half Marathon.  Well this morning when I was heading down in the elevator at the hotel by myself (I will get to this story soon), the doors opened in the lobby and who was standing outside of it???...It was my friend Carrie.  How ironic is that???  She was there with her two brothers.  It was so great to see her.  We headed down to the main event together.  It was nice to be with people that I knew.  I was a bit sad when I woke this morning and getting the news that my husband was up most of the night, without getting into any gross details, he was sick, and I shall leave it at that.  So he was tired and still feeling rather ill, so I told him to stay there and I would go by myself.
I got up...
And yes Alicia, I have to put on my lipstick. 
That is the only make up I wear.
I checked the weather and I got dressed accordingly...
Yes I am sporting my Maus Wear Full Length Running/Workout Pants in the Graffiti Print.
And Yes...lots of selfies.
Then I made my way out of the hotel room and down to the lobby.  I wish I would have snapped a picture when the doors of the elevator opened, but I was in shocked that I ran into my friend right there in the hotel lobby so early in the morning.  CRAZY!!!!
 After hitting the bathrooms in the Hilton Hotel, made our way to our corrals...

Lots of these blue Running Room coats were seen out on the course today.  This was the jacket that I got for running my second 5K run on the 1st of this year in the Resolution Run. 
How are you going to start your year?
The jackets for the next Brita Resolution Run are black and red.
So again...How are you going to start the New Year???
Check it out!!!
This picture below was taken as we were all making our way towards the START line.
I didn't take any pictures but 1, out on the course.  I had to try and snap a picture to show my children who I was running beside for a few minutes...
That's right! 
It was Batman!
I also had to snap this picture to show my friend Robyn.  Many years ago I worked at a camp and for the first month I looked after one of the camp counsellors daughter whose name was and still is Robyn.  Since all of the counsellors had to have a nickname, for that summer I was named Batman.  We were Batman and Robyn.  After camp I went to Houston Texas with their family and watched over Robyn while her wonderful parents worked.
And to this day Robyn calls me Batman.
She is keeping me on my toes on the Nike+ app.
Thanks Robyn...Love Batman xxx

I ran this half marathon with only 1 stop, and that stop was to tie my shoe.  I have never had my shoe lace come undone before while running.  But today it did.  I moved off to the side, tied it up and carried on.  I didn't really grab much to drink along the way.  In my training, I never took water with me so it didn't bother me today not to have much to drink.  I did grab for maybe three cups throughout the race, but only had a sip of each.  After I crossed the finish line, I think I probably drank a litre of Gatorade.  LOL
As I ran down Lakeshore Blvd I heard another runner from the other side of the road running back up Lakeshore Blvd call out, "Way to go Trina!" and then I noticed his hand reach out for a high five.  I think it was one of Carrie's brothers who was running the Full Marathon.  I was kind of in a zone, but noticed what he was wearing out of the corner of my eye, but didn't look up in time to see who this person was.  My apologies.  You made me feel really good...thank you.  
It was also great to hear your name being called out by complete strangers, cheering you on and pushing you on until the end.  As my other post earlier last week was named "Emotion Sap".  That I was, BUT I wasn't as bad as I thought I would be.  There were a number of times where I kind of got choked up.  I thought of how great this was, my Dad, and thinking and hoping that my husband would feel better before I got to the finish line so that he and our children would be there to see me finish.  I have always thought, one of the saddest things is...Coming through the arrival gates at the airport, and there is no one there to meet you(with the exception of knowing that no one is supposed to meet you).  Well this was almost the same.  I know that they were there in spirit. 
I tried taking a picture of myself once I crossed the finish line, but something happened to my phone and the picture didn't save.  Then I thought my battery died, but I managed to get it working again but it was too late by then to take pictures of what occurred after the FINISH.  There were line ups for food like, bagels, bananas and yogurt.  Once you made it through those lines, you made your way to Nathan Phillips Square where you could meet up with friends and family.  I made my way over to the baggage station where I had some dry clothes.  After picking up my things I made it back to the Square and ran into my friend Carrie and her family.  Congratulations again to you Carrie, and to your brothers.
I was able to get a late check out at the hotel so that gave me enough time to get back and have a warm shower before heading home.  On my way back more complete strangers congratulated me on my run.  Happy face!  I snapped a couple more selfies too...
Oops!  I cut the top off.
I was almost to hotel and to my warm shower.
Here are a few pictures of the course that I ran according to the Nike+ app...
So whether I ran 21.1KM or 22.1KM the point is...
And I pretty damn proud of it!
Now what?
We shall see.  For now I am going to rest for a couple days and think of what to challenge myself with next.
I want to thank everyone who have wished me well on this run.  Thank you!  Whether it was in person, via Twitter, via Facebook, via Instagram or out on the course...
Until next time...Stay Strong!
Good night
P.S.  I got lots of compliments on my running pants on and off the course today.  The only problem was, I left my business cards in the hotel room. 

If you are interested in the NEW Maus Wear running/workout pants, email me at for more information.
This item will have a name this week...I promise.

I have 2 Blue Galaxy, 1 Purple Galaxy, 1 Jewels/Black and 1 Jewels/White in stock now and ready for purchase.  They will be at a Regular price of $20.00 but these 5 will go for an introductory price of $15.00 each.  First to contact me will get to purchase them. 
A shipping charge will apply if needed.


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