Thursday, January 16, 2014

Back in the Kitchen

I am back in the kitchen again.  So that means new recipes will be posted soon.

I made two batches of bean brownies.  The first made with black beans.  The second with white kidney beans.  The daycare kids loved them.  They loved them because they didn't know what was in them.  I'm sure if I put a bowl of black beans in front of them(well some of them), they would turn their noses up.  The brownies tasted great and they are packed with protein. 

Black Bean Brownies                            White Kidney Bean Brownies

I will work on posting those recipes on the weekend.

Another recipe that I prepared for dinner tonight was some healthier fried chicken.

I saw the recipe floating around on Facebook and I changed it up slightly by changing the flour.  I would have change the oil, but my husband is not a huge fan of coconut oil.  Next time I will cook my in coconut oil.  I have posted that recipe on my "Cook with Me" page.

Now don't go crazy and eat this ALL the time.  BUT it does make a nice home cooked comfort meal.  Plus, it's better than eating out a fast food chicken place.

This post took me much longer to write than expected.  I know it is very short, but once I got to the chicken part, I switched to my  "Cook With Me" page and posted the recipe. husband put on the movie "Run Fat Boy Run".  It's funny and inspirational.  And yes, the emotional sap that I am, I did tear up during the running of the marathon.  It's a great feel good kind of movie.

Another great day of Body Revolution workout, Just Plank It! Challenge and eating right.  I did eat a few more calories today than I probably should have, but it was GOOD clean food.

I almost forgot...I also made a Avocado Chocolate Pudding.  I will post that on the weekend too.

I may try adding a touch of milk to smooth it out more.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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