Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Rest Day That Got "Beet" Up

It was all about the beet root today in my kitchen.  I bought some the other day and wanted to do some baking with them.  I made two different cookies with them today and the rest for dinner tonight.

These recipes will be posted on the "Cook With Me" page.

The first cookie I made, sorry not just I, but rather my little girl and I made.  She was SO into it.  She didn't even turn her nose up to the thought of beets in the Chocolate Chip Cookies.  She did however say that the coconut oil smelled bad...LOL.  She was in charge of adding ingredients and stirring.

I had steamed and pureed the beets ahead of time so that we would be ready to mix things up.

Since we had to wait for husband to return home from buying us some chocolate chips for the Chocolate Chip Beet Cookies, my daughter decided she was going to make an apple drink.  Well her apple drink turn into an Apple Cake topped with Chocolate & Strawberries.  Now she wants to do a cooking show...LOL.

Here is her Apple Cake...

and the chef herself.

After the Apple Cake, she had a break while I prepped the next cookie...the Heart Shaped Beet Sugar Cookies.  I mixed them up and placed them in the freezer to chill.  After a half hour the dough was ready to cut out into heart shapes.

We floured, we  rolled and then we cut.  My daughter was loving it.  In the oven they went and in about 10 minutes, the first batch was ready.  A perfect substitute for regular sugar cookies, for Valentines Day.        

Tomorrow I am going to find something to fill some of these with...sort of like a peek-a-boo cookie.

Well it is late and I have been in this kitchen pretty much all day long, except for my trip to the grocery store a few minutes ago.  I will post these cookie recipes tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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