Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Another Count Down Is On... Plus a CONTEST!!!!

Non fitness related but this count down is very much to do with my well being.

My daughter's birthday is coming up next Friday February 7th, and we have an AWESOME surprise for her.  Her present is also an early present for me, for my birthday as well.

On Saturday July 19th, 2014, I will be taking my little girl to see her favourite singer in concert...
Katy Perry!!!

She is going to freak out next Friday.  Well it might take a bit, because she will probably think that we are going the next day...LOL.  And then she will ask me repeatedly, "is it the next morning?"  This will go on I'm sure for the next 6 months, but THAT's OKAY!  I want her to be excited for this.  It will be her very first concert(of many, I hope) that she attends in her lifetime. 

She has already been to the symphony, but never to a concert like this.  Some of you may remember when I got tickets to go see Madonna 2 years ago, my daughter wanted to come with me then.  I had to say "no" to that one.  Maybe next time Madonna tours, I will take Lil' M with me.
You know how sappy I can be and this concert will be no exception I'm sure.  I made up some new playlists for spinning, that include some Katy Perry songs, and last night when I was spinning I started getting choked up thinking of me and my little girl at the concert.  I'm SO excited to be sharing this with her.  I think I am going to be more excited than her.  She will have the next 6 months to sing and dance to Katy's songs and she will be ready to party.  Like mother, like daughter. 
More on this story as it unfolds...

Speaking of spinning, I am back on the bike and this may be the year that I return to teaching at a club.  I did inquire about it last year, but they needed instructors during the week, during the day.  I could not, and still cannot do that.  But I may find somewhere that I can teach, even if it's only one night a week.  I just want to be back in the saddle inspiring people to love spinning, as much as I do.

After my spin session in my attic/loft last night, I was still listening to my cool down song selections, and the song that I was listening to was, Someone Like You by Adele.  I still had my ear buds in and I started to sing, and then I started belting out the song, just like Adele(well maybe not quite).  My husband was standing there and I said, "I wish I could sing", and I knew already what he was going to say before it came out of his mouth.  He replied, "I do too".  Ha ha.  My son was just finishing up his bath and he heard all this, and he said, "You can sing Mummy."  I LOVE IT!  I love it how kids think their parents can do everything.  LOL.  I think maybe with some lessons, I could sing without hurting peoples ears.  LOL.  I'll leave the singing in public to the Adele's and Katy Perry's in this world. As long as my kids don't mind, I will keep singing at home.  And I know my husband, and he enjoys my trying to sing.  I'm sure not always, but sometimes.

So back to spinning...I made up a couple different playlists to ride to, and tested them both out the last two nights.  Some songs I will take out and/or move in the order of play.  A great song to spin to is Celebration by Madonna.  The Benny Benassi Remix.  AWESOME!!!!  "Come join the party...Let's get this started"..."I guess I just don't recognise you with your clothes on"...LOVE IT!  That line always reminds me of this lady that was a participant in my spinning class years ago.  We ran into each other in the grocery store and I said hi to her, but she didn't know who I was at first and then she did, and she said, " I didn't recognise you with your clothes on".  And by that, she meant regular street clothes.  It's not like I was the naked spin instructor.  Boy wouldn't that be quite the sight. LOL 

Speaking of naked...I read about this Yoga Studio in New York City offering naked yoga sessions.  Enough said.

Well in the kitchen today I made a Black Bean Meat(less) Loaf.  I found a recipe on line and then kind of did my own thing because I didn't have all the ingredients needed for the recipe so I did what I do best, improvise.  I had some for my lunch and it tasted pretty good.

This month has been all about the Black Beans.  I soaked some, cooked them and wondered what to do with them all.  Along with the Meat(less) Loaf.  My little daycare helper and I made some more Black Bean Brownies.  And yes I do realize that I still haven't posted the recipe for these.  Well today we changed it up again.  So please be patient until I figure out which one is the best.  Like for instance today, I used only egg whites instead of the whole egg.  I will post the recipe with modifications.  Today's recipe have a bit more "sugar" in them because I had some butterscotch Chipits in the cupboard that I wanted to use up.  Yes I know they are not "CLEAN", but they will never be purchased again.  My family and the children in the daycare are going to be transformed into CLEAN EATING MACHINES.  Well at least when they eat here.  My son is a picky one when it comes to trying the treats that I make.  However, on the weekend I made Ginger Cookies and he liked them...SUCCESS!  But I can't just give him ginger cookies for a treat in his school lunches.  So I will be working on many more recipes over the next little while.  NO SUGAR.  My sweetener of choice is HONEY.  I love honey.  It's natural and right from mother nature herself.  In the brownies today, since they had the butterscotch chips in them, I didn't use a much honey as I would have if the chips would have been dark chocolate. 

It is still pretty cold around these parts but it looks as though the temperatures are supposed to rise this weekend.  I think because of the cold temps, I have resorted to my spin bike.  I was feeling guilty that I haven't been back out running again.  Well another reason I haven't been out running is that I need to get a new pair of running shoes.  I know that it's an excuse, but my feet have been hurting and I don't want to injure myself due to worn out shoes.  So I shall save my pennies and maybe when the snow thaws, I will be back on the road again, running.

I am still contemplating a full marathon this year. 

The last time I updated my Nike + running app, I noticed that it now has all the training right there on it.  So I have since deleted the other apps that I had downloaded on my iPhone, some of which had started training without me.  So if I do decide that a full marathon is for me, I have my training partner/coach ready to rock.

Let me know what you are planning for this year. 

Last year was a full year for me as far as different races.  I did some 5K's, a Mud Run, some Colour runs and to top it off, my half marathon.


What do you think I should do this year???

Since this cold weather is still sticking around and I saw yesterday that even Florida got hit with some snow(not sure if is true or not, I only saw a picture of the state sign with snow all around).
I feel like warming up with a contest.

The winner of this contest will be able to get their "Chog" on with the NEW product by Maus Wear,   The Hed-Chog.

So all you have to do for to enter this contest to be eligible to win, is to answer the question above...

What do you think I should do this year?  By that, I mean in the way of health and fitness.  Whether it be a race, a fitness program, singing lessons (LOL) let me know and you might just win a Hed-Chog. 

I know it's cold here where I live but the Hed-Chog is not just for wearing in the winter weather.  It can be worn all year round.  As the seasons pass, I will have more and more pictures up on the website of different ways to wear the Hed-Chog.

Go on, get your Chog on!

Good luck to you!

Until next time...

Stay Strong!



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