Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Just in Case...

Since we have had some "crazy winter weather", as some people may call it.  I call it a true Canadian winter.  We haven't had a winter like this since I was a kid. 

In December there was a major ice storm that hit some areas very, VERY hard.  Many lost power for days, and some of those days were through the week of Christmas.  So with no heat or hydro for some, I thought I might share some information JUST in CASE it happens again.

The other day I was checking out the things coming up on my Facebook wall and I found a couple links.

The first an idea on How to Easily Heat Your Home Using Flowers Pots and Tea Lights...

Now remember your fire and safety when doing anything that involves an open flame or flammable materials(such as in the second video link)

We have not yet tried this heating system, but my husband is very excited to try it.


So now that you have your home, or at least a small room warm, you can move onto cooking.

This one here, my husband did try and it worked very well.

How to turn a beer can in a camping stove...

We cooked an egg using it.  My husband used a can from orange juice rather than a beer can, and it worked all the same.

Here is the stove in action.
We had it sitting on top of our stove for safety purposes.
Here is the egg we cooked. 
Well this was while it was still cooking.
My husband was pretty pleased with how it worked, he ended up cooking a second egg.  We found a container to store it in, and look forward to trying it again while camping this year.  Or if our power goes off, at least we have this emergency option.
Again, be sure you are safe while using these two emergency options.
Today was the start of the Just Plank It! Challenge.  I hope you got your 20 seconds done.  I actually forgot to do it after my workout this morning, so I snuck it in while waiting for my son to come home from school.  It doesn't take long, it's ONLY 20 seconds.  You CAN DO IT!!!!
So I mentioned about the LOOMING that has been going on in my life, and today was no exception.  With my daughter not in school today, and with another girl the same age in my daycare...we LOOMED for part of the day.  I was quite impressed with my daughter's skill of listening and following instruction.  She doesn't seem to hear me when I say, "It's bed time now", but yet she listened and was able to complete this(more difficult) Starburst loom bracelet with only a little bit of help from me.
By using the different coloured bands to make up each starburst, it made it easier for her to see which band she needed to loop next.
She is a star!
My second day of logging and completing my journal on www.myfitness.pal.com I feel like that spark is coming back to me.  That same spark that helped to motivated so many of you.  So if you have been having a rocky journey like me, I'm here for you. 
If you have just been slackin', look out!!!  I'm going to get you moving again.  When I know that I have inspired you, YOU then inspire me.
Until next time...Stay Strong!
Good night


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