Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy New Year!!! Wait A Minute...Am I Late???

Happy 2014!!!

Yes I am late!  I can't believe that we are almost at the middle of January already.  I have been quite busy these late few weeks and haven't had time to sit down and get this post written.

I hope you had a wonderful ringing in of the new year, and you are enjoying this year so far.

On the fitness front, I have been doing Jillian's Body Revolution program again.  Today was the start of Week 2 of Phase One.  So that means I rocked out Workout 1 - Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Quads and as Jillian puts it "a little bit of abs".  I have added some weights were no weights are required and trying to build my muscle and strength back up to where it was when I was at my best.

As this is my journey, and like any journey, there are the UPs and the DOWNs...I had enough DOWNs last year, there is only one way to go now and that is...UP! is the first day in a Looonnnnnnggggg time that I have logged all my food into my journal on and completed my diary for the day. 

I got back on my spin bike the other day.  I asked my daughter, "Should Mummy go downstairs and workout or should I ride my bike?"  She replied, "The bike.  You haven't been on that in a long time.  It's fun!"  She was SO right!  There will be more spinning this year than last...for sure.

So what have I been busy with...

The Hed-Chog is a versatile product to be worn on the head.  It can be worn for all seasons, for children and adults.  For more product information please check out the website.

I wore two "Chogs" to keep me warm while shoveling the driveway during the very frigid temperatures were had last week. 
I wore one as a head band and the other to protect my neck and face.

As I am trying to get the word out about the Hed-Chog, I have also decided to start up an Ambassadorship Program.  For more information about the program, shoot me a email at

So along with designing, manufacturing, ordering, shipping, working, getting the kids up and off to school, working out and many other things, my kids have got me LOOMING.

The Rainbow Loom is all the rage right now and it has hit our home too.  My niece also has me hooked into it.  She messaged me yesterday to say she made a certain kind of bracelet, so I tried it too.  My daughter is getting better at it, so she will soon take over the loom and I will never see it again.  Thankfully.  It kind of SUCKS you in and makes you loom for hours.

Speaking of my have seen her on here through pictures and I think some video in the past.  Well...she is loving the camera now and is making her own little shows.  She does them all on her own and I must say I am quite impressed with her directing skills...LOL.

Here are a few of her shows...

This first one takes places while I was downstairs sewing and she was in her room making the Lalaloopsy Show.  I love when the lights go out and because the hallway light is still on, it casts the "moonlight" (as she told me afterwards) down on the house.  And I AM HER TRINA!

In this next one, she makes it sound like her Dad, my husband lives across the street.  He does not.  We all live happily under the same roof.  She is SO crazy!  The part in this one that cracks me up is when she goes to look for her costume.  She can't find it because all her dress up things are in a big pile beside her bed.  LOL

I hope you enjoyed these two videos and I hope that brought a smile to your face.  I know that if I am ever feeling down and she is not around, I know that I can watch these and I will feel better.  If she makes you SMILE, please share to keep the silliness and laughter going.

So on my Facebook page I announced that I will be starting the Just Plank It! Challenge TOMORROW.  Here's the scoop...

We start tomorrow the 14th of January and we will hold the plank for 20 seconds.  We will do this each day until February 13th and then the last day will be Valentine's Day February 14th, on this day we will hold the plank for as long as we can.  The reason I set it up like this is because it's 2014.  We start on the 14th, hold for 20 seconds and then end on the 14th.  I hope you will join me and the others that have already indicated that they are in.

Well I must go now because I have a loom bracelet to finish...haha.

Good night

Stay Strong!


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