Friday, February 7, 2014

A Very Special Day...Olympic Spirit

Today is a wonderful day!  Today is my little girl's 6th Birthday.  Plus, it is the opening day of the 22nd Olympic Winter Games.

There is the birthday girl.
I love her!
Last night it was very easy to put my daughter to bed as she knew when she woke up the next morning it would be her birthday.  She has been on the count down path for the last two weeks.  So today, her special day has finally arrived.  Since she wanted to wait to open her gifts until tonight, she still does not know that she is getting a ticket to go see Katy Perry.  She is going to freak out!  I had no troubles getting her up and ready for school today either.  She was excited that they would say her name in the announcements at school today.

I love what get children excited. 

But that's not just for little children, I remember when I competed in a race before I had my children and when I heard my name being called as I crossed the finish line, that too was very exciting and emotional.  That same sentiment will occur over the next 14 days or so during the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi for the athletes competing.  And not only for the athletes but for your home country as well.  As I am Canadian, I always feel a sense of pride whenever one of our own fellow Canadians is taking the world stage in the sport that they have trained and worked hard for, to show us their best.  It's so inspiring and emotional.    As you know how emotional I can get at times, this time is no exception.  Yesterday I was watching the qualifying rounds of a few different events and I got weepy when some of the athletes wiped out while skiing, snowboarding and skating, no matter which country they came from.  Now that I am a mother, it seems to hit home more, thinking that could one day be my child.  It's too late for me to be hitting the snowboarding slopes.  I sat here thinking how cool would that be to be flying through the air doing flips and jumps, and most importantly...landing without breaking any body parts.  I salute all those who do that.  My daughter and I were watching some of the pairs figure skating, and she asked, "how do they do that?"...that...meaning the female skater flying through the air and landing on her feet.  I told her they "practice, practice, practice".  To be good at anything, you should practice, practice, practice.  Now she just needs to learn to skate.  They all start somewhere.  And the important thing is...they start.  Whether my daughter wants to learn to skate or not, I will support her, and my son in anything they choose to do.

I am going to cut this post short, as I will try and get a second post done later.  The post gift opening post.  Before I go here is the silly cake I made for her. 

It's supposed to be the stage for Katy Perry's Prism Tour...Lalaloopsy style.

It's definitely NOT the nicest looking cake, but I rushed it, and I didn't want to used black food colouring for the stage which is most of the cake, so I just used white and added blue sparkles.

As the Olympic torch has just been lit...Let the games begin!

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Enjoy the day!


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