Sunday, February 9, 2014

Move Nourish Believe Challenge Recap

Along with my Just Plank It! Challenge, I have started a new challenge called the Move Nourish Believe Challenge brought to you by Lorna Jane and Fit Approach.

How it works is...each day a new challenge is presented and you must rise to the top to complete it.  Post your pictures on Instagram, Twitter and if you want to shout it out to the world in any other way go for it(the last part was my idea).  It all helps to get one to move and try new things and of course to keep you motivated to reach your health and fitness goals.

So the first challenge, Day #1 was to show off how YOU like to sweat.  This is my favourite way to sweat...

Me and my spin bike.
Today I actually rode my bike while watching the Olympic Games on TV.  I had my music playing while the TV sound was muted and sweat my butt off.
I witnessed Canada's Mark McMorris receive his Bronze medal. 
Canada's first medal of the games.
After my spin I watched Canada win a Gold and a Silver medal in the Women's Moguls.  Justine Dufour-Lapointe won Gold, and her sister Chloe Dufour-Lapointe won Silver. 
Way to go ladies!!!
Okay so back to my challenge...
Day #2 challenge...
Today I did some Yoga for my challenge.  Here is not the most flattering selfie, but it's me in Camel Pose...
The Yoga felt great that day.  I must get back into doing it more often.  This challenge was to get you to do/try something new or something that you don't do that often.  It's great to challenge yourself with different ways to exercise.  My shoulders were feeling it the next day. 
Day #3 Challenge...
5 Minute Plank
Now it could be split up during the day or you could do 5 minutes all together.  Because I am also doing my own Just Plank It! Challenge, I chose to split the 5 minutes up.
During my last plank, our cat Sok was curious as to what I was doing. 
She came over to get in the picture.
Wow looking at this picture of me, it looks like I am wearing a ton of black eye liner.  The only thing is, I don't wear makeup, well with the exception of lipstick and when my daughter puts eye shadow on me(which isn't that often).
For all of you that are taking part in my Just Plank It! Challenge, we are almost to the finish.  Next Friday, Valentine's Day is the day we bust out all that we can.  Keep on keepin' on with the 20 second planks a day until that final day and then give it all you got.
Just Plank It!
Day # 4 Challenge...
Grab a partner to workout with.
I was going to try and get my husband to spin with me, but instead we went for a winter's hike on this day.

It was a beautiful evening.
Enjoy the beautiful winter weather.
Yes we are getting a lot of snow, but hey, it's WINTER! 
AND we live in CANADA.
Day #5 Challenge...
Show your favourites...
1. Quinoa  2. My Spin Bike  3. Running  4. Palmer's Firming Butter
5. Inspirational Quotes to keep me going
I love quinoa!  For breakfast, for lunch, for dinner, for savoury, for sweet.  It's great for all!
Same goes for my spin bike.  I love spinning and I can feel my spinning legs coming back to me.
I do love running, but the winter has put my running on a temporary hold.  So while that is on hold, my spin bike is getting extra time.
Palmer's Firming Butter help keeps things tight.  It's also great for using through the winter months just to keep dry skin at bay.  Especially with all the snow shoveling that I have been doing each day out in the cold.  It has been a real help with keeping my skin from cracking from the cold.  Love it!
Inspirational quotes keep me positive when times get tough. 
Day #6
This week's recap, which is all of the above.  In addition to all of the day's challenges, my extra workouts involved a shovel and lots of snow almost everyday this past week.
I'm looking forward to week 2 coming up. 
Now that I'm moving(not that I wasn't before), it's time to nourish the body.
Tomorrow I will do a recap of my daughter's birthday.  Her reaction to the Katy Perry concert tickets.  It wasn't the reaction I was expecting.
Until then...Stay Strong!
Good night

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