Wednesday, February 12, 2014

It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To

I almost forgot to recap my daughter's 6th birthday.

She had a great day at school and she was buzzing with excitement and with that sometimes comes with excitement OVERLOAD.  And in the end the OVERLOAD = a crash and burn. 

After school we had setup to play a game with the daycare children and she got upset because they weren't following the rules she set up.  I tried to explain to her how the game should be played, but she got upset and ran to her room.   We were playing this game while we waited for my husband to come home from work so that presents could be opened and cake could be eaten.  But I think the anticipation of it all got to her.  She came back down to join the rest of us and seemed to be okay after a few minutes. 
Once my husband got home it was time for gifts.  First we sang happy birthday and lit the candles on the cake for her to make a wish and blow them out.  A rather grumpy little one with the whole cake thing...

I was hoping that she would see the cake and then when opening the Katy Perry tickets she would be super excited.  The earlier meltdown ruined the mood.

Here she is opening the envelope that contained the tickets...
Not the reaction I was hoping for, but a couple pieces of paper mean nothing to a newly 6 year old.
But Grandma saved the day with her gift...
A new Lalaloopsy doll.
Big smiles all around.
She just gets a little shy when all the attention is put to her and with people waiting for her reaction.  She did the same thing when she turned 3 years old and I had made her a Snow White dress(something that she wanted), she was a major grump that day.  But once everyone had gone, she finally tried the dress on and loved it.  Same goes for the tickets, she is pretty excited about going to see Katy Perry and I know she doesn't realizes just what it is all about just yet.  She will soon enough.
We went out for dinner that night and there was yet another candle to blow out...

It was her party, so she could cry if she wanted too...I guess.
She had a good day even with some grumpiness and tears.

I love her to bits!

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