Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Get More Energy...Naturally

I have become aware of this company and their great product and wanted to pass along the information to you.  And earlier this evening I became a Brand Ambassador for them so that I can keep giving you more information in regards to all their products.

I have been in great need of more energy lately, well not just lately, but rather for awhile now.  These past few days I have battling a bit of a cold and feeling really crappy.  This morning though when I picked up the mail from the post box, I received a parcel containing just what I needed.  I got my ENERGYbits!

What are ENERGYbits?

ENERGYbits are 100% pure, organically grown, certified NON GMO algae.  They are sugar free, caffeine free, gluten free and contain NO additives, animal products, chemicals or fillers of any kind.

I am one for not wanting to take pills of any kind, even when I am sick, so the best thing about ENERGYbits is that they are NOT pills.  They are bits of GREEN food.  100% pure spirulina algae that has 64% protein, 40 nutrients, and GLA(Omega 3), and they are only 1 calorie per tab. 

I wish I would have had ENERGYbits while I was training for my half marathon last year.  Before my long runs I would usually have an energy shot(chocolate of course), but they were basically full of sugar, something that I did not want really.  But they did help me make it through my training and my very first half marathon.  Now with ENERGYbits I can fuel my body with something that is
all natural and really good for my body. 

With this year's goal to get rid of all sugar in my home, ENERGYbits will definitely help me do that.  I will be using ENERGYbits during training for my first FULL marathon.  EEK!!!  I have yet to decide on this, the race I mean.  The bits will be part of my life regardless.

So I mentioned at the beginning of this post about having a cold and feeling crappy.  ENERGYbits also offer the RECOVERYbits which will help prevent colds, recover quicker, build immune system plus many other great things.  Check them out.  I have been pretty lucky in the way of getting colds.  Since I began running my home daycare 3 years ago, and have two children of my own, I have really only had about 5 colds throughout that time period.  With RECOVERYbits, I can keep the numbers down low or better yet, non existent.

Last year I gave up on making protein shakes with protein powders because the powders had so many ingredients that I did not know what they were, and some, I could not even pronounce(that can't be good for me).  I like using and eating REAL food.  And ENERGYbits are REAL food just compacted into tabs for easy transportation that really pack a punch.  Great for hiking, running, cycling, and really for any activity that you chose to do.  You can pack your travel tin and stick in your pocket or bag, for the times when you are on the go and extra energy will be needed.
There is no need for a blender or mixer cup, just grab your tin and go.  A handful of about 30 tabs whenever and wherever you need that energy is all you need.

Go check out for more information about this great natural energy giver.

Please use the coupon code PHATSOSLIM to save 15% on your order.

It's been all about the Olympics since last Friday.  While my spin on Saturday morning while watching the games was great...
Canada winning GOLD and SILVER was pretty awesome too!
The Dufour-Lapointe sisters from Canada won took the top two spots in Women's Moguls.
After my post spin shower, I sat down in my orange chair up in our loft/attic and continued to watch the Olympics.  LOL.  We had friends coming over that evening so I had to get up and start cleaning.  We had a great visit, but they left, I took a seat in the my chair, which my husband has now named, "The Sochi Chair", and stayed up late to watched the games.
I ended up falling asleep in the Sochi Chair that night...
I think this late night with broken sleep(I woke up at 4:30am and watched some more and then drifted back to sleep) is why I have a cold now.
Canada is on quite the roll at the 2014 Olympic Games...
And there are more to come...
Like this future Olympian here...

Until then...Stay Strong! and Swallow your ENERGYbits.  You can chew them if you want, but it's better to swallow them.  Remember to use the coupon code PHATSOSLIM on your order.
Good night
Go on, get your Chog on! 
Going out to shovel more snow.
Here is my daughter and I...
We are Winter

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