Sunday, February 16, 2014

Nourish the Body Week 2 of the Move Nourish Believe Challenge

This week was all about nourishing the body during the MNB Challenge.  This is the recap of the week with Fit Approach and Lorna Jane Active.

This past week started with Meatless Monday...

All my meals today were without meat...

Breakfast: Egg White and Spinach Omelet served with Salsa
Snack: My Favourite...Raspberries with Cottage Cheese
Lunch: Thawed from the freezer...Roasted Garlic and Butternut Squash Soup

Dinner: Filet of Sole served with Green Peas and a Garden Salad

One day a week is fine without meat, but I don't think I could give up chicken and the odd steak every now and again.

One thing that I have brought into my healthy eating are ENERGYbits, 100% Spirulina Algae.  They pack a punch with 64% protein and 40 nutrients.  So great for the body and mind.

This was breakfast on another day last week.  I added the ENERGYbits to my Quinoa Parfait.
Day #2 Take your lunch to work
Well since I work from home it's nice that I can make myself a hot and healthy lunch with the supplies I have on hand.  One of my favourites that I like to make is Chicken and Broccoli...
See I told you that I like chicken. 

Day #3 Write it Down

For the past almost 3 years I have been using to keep track of what I have   been fueling my body with.  There are some days that I have skipped or just forgot to logged my food in, but overall I think I have been pretty dedicated to it.  Of course with the exception to the last quarter of 2013.  That is probably when I should have been more focused, but I lost it.  That old saying "you are what you eat" is SO true.  I ate some crap and therefore, I felt like crap.  Now that I am back on track with clean eating, I am feeling much better.

Feeling much better with the food that I am eating, but this past week I have been battling a cold so eating ENOUGH calories was tough as I didn't really have much of an appetite.  My workouts consisted mostly of shoveling snow and not much else.  But I am happy to report that I had a nice spin yesterday and another one this morning while watching more of the Olympics on TV at the same time.
Day #4 Thirsty Thursday Smoothie
My smoothie today was made up from frozen cottage cheese, strawberries and honey.  I named it a Strawberries Cheesecake Smoothie.
Day #5 Go RAW dessert
This is as RAW as I get...
Delicious Reds for Valentine's Day!
I love raspberries and pomegranate and the added blackberries are a bonus.  A healthy snack for any Valentine.  Well unless you are allergic to berries.  No chocolates for Valentine's this year.
Eat good food, feel great!  Nourish your body because it deserves it.   

My weekend spins were powered by bits ENERGYbits...

A great ride on Saturday morning.
An even better one today...
Give it YOUR 100%
Moving into week #3 of the challenge...It's time to BELIEVE
Believe in YOU.
Stay Strong!

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  1. all your food looks very yummy...I have chicken broccoli very often too :)