Sunday, February 23, 2014

Believe...Week 3 of the Move Nourish Believe Challenge

This week was all about Believing.

I Believe.  I believe in myself.  I believe I am worth it.  I believe in love. 

Day 1 - Spoil Yourself

When I think of spoiling yourself or pampering, my mind shoots right to the spa.  But on Monday of this past week I could not go to the spa because it was Family Day here in Ontario, Canada, so I was pampered by having the day off of work and enjoyed the day with my family.

We took the kids ice skating where my son was practicing his speed skating skills.  After watching some of the winter Olympic games he decided he would like to be a speed skater.  But as the week went on, he and some of the daycare children wanted to do Skeleton.  Eeek!  That could be nerve racking.  I was also spoiled by getting to snuggle with my son while watching movies and laughing together.

I do have a spa gift card for a Thai Treatment from Gina's Spa here in Waterloo, ON and I am looking forward to using this.  I have had this treatment twice before and it is LOVELY. 
Day 2 - 5 Mindful Minutes
This day was about finding or taking the some time for yourself.  At least 5 minutes, and I found it.
Once my family was fast asleep, I went down to our living room and lit a few candles and sat by the fire and RELAXED.  Something I don't seem to do enough of.  Well except for these past 16 days while the Olympics have been on, I did spend a lot more time watching TV than I normally do.  I just love watching the Olympics though, they are very inspiring. 
A quiet 5 minutes turned into a beautiful 15 minutes.
I am always go, go, go and I need to take more time like this for myself.
Because in the end, it helps everyone.
Day 3 - Be Happy
This day was a day to be happy.  Not just this day, but everyday.  I was looking through some pictures and I came across a picture of my back garden from last spring...that made me happy.
So beautiful.
Yes right now it looks like the bottom picture, but soon it will return to a beautiful green colour, mixed with hints of other colours from the spring flowers.
I have heard and seen so many people complain about the snow or how long the winter is...well I'm loving it!  That is why I love living in Canada.  Here we have 4 distinct seasons...Winter, spring, summer and fall.  Each one with their own colours and beauty. 
Something else that made me happy on this day was when I went down to the post box and my ENERGYbits order arrived.  AWESOME!!!!
This picture also contains more of the Olympics, that makes me happy. 
Canadian girls winning the GOLD in Bobsled.  
Plus it also shows my little girl and I on own spin bikes.  My daughter was not feeling well the last week, so on this day I kept her home from school and by the afternoon, she was up for a spin.  Her bike is just a plastic toy stationary bike, but at least she wants to participate and that makes me very happy.  I am happy that I am setting a good example for her and my son.  Soon my son should be able to ride the other spin bike I have here.  It will be great to build his leg muscles for speed skating.  My future Olympians. 
A Mum can dream.

Day 4 - Thankful Thursday
I am thankful for many things, but most of all I am thankful for my husband and together we have our two wonderful children.  The three of them are very supportive of me and my health and fitness goals.  Last week was a tough week because my daughter wasn't feeling well, some of the daycare children were out sick with a cold and I too was still suffering with cold symptoms.  As I write this to you now, I am sneezing and blowing my nose...blah.  I know that it's from not getting enough sleep last night(I will explain this in a bit).
My husband and I...well sort of.
This was the cake topper on our Halloween Wedding cake.
And beside us are our lovely offspring.
Yes they drive me crazy some days, but I like crazy.
On this day, I was also thankful that the Canadian Women's Curling team and Hockey team, both won GOLD at the Olympics.

Canadian girls ROCK!!!!
Day 5- Share the Love
This day was all about sharing the love.  Well I got to do this unexpectedly, as my kids had a snow day from school.  All the school buses were cancelled due to freezing rain.  It was also the day that the Men's Hockey semi-final game was playing...Canada vs USA. 
Over the course of the last 16 days I have been watching and then sharing results and pictures from the Winter Games through social media.  As I was sharing my love of the games, I received some love in return.  AWESOME!
The love was being shared right across Canada with the Men's hockey team winning the semi-final game and moving forward to the GOLD medal game.  Plus, the Men's curling team won the GOLD on this day too.  Way to go Team Canada!!!
So this past week was all about Believing and I truly believe in this wonderful country that I live in.  I am a proud Canadian.
This brings me to why I am not feeling so well today.  I went to bed too late last night and this morning, Sunday morning, was a morning that I was getting up to an alarm.  WHY???  Well I'm sure you know why already.  Me and the rest of Canada were all watching the GOLD medal hockey game between Canada and Sweden.  I have no problem with waking up early, but I didn't get a very good sleep because I thought I would sleep through my alarm.  I know that it's silly, but this was for the GOLD.  It was worth it, because as you probably already know, we won!!!!  So proud! 
This picture below is fantastic...
The top picture shows our Canadian boys just after the all received their medals.
The bottom picture is our Canadian boys coming together shoulder to shoulder for the Canadian National anthem.
I know that Sunday is the start of a new week, but with this being the wrap up of my week 3 in the Move Nourish Believe Challenge...I do BELIEVE in our Canadian athletes.
I enjoyed participating in the MNB Challenge these past three weeks.  Another challenge that I began yesterday is a 30 Day Challenge which I will talk about tomorrow.  I need to get to bed now and rest.
Good night and Stay Strong!

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