Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Catching Fire 30 Day Challenge

As mentioned in my last post, I have started a new challenge.  Since I workout at home all the time, unless I'm out running, I like to find challenging workouts that are easily done from home.

I came across this 30 Day Challenge that was posted on YouTube during the month of January.  I wasn't ready to start the challenge then, so I subscribe to the channel and decided I would start it when I was ready.  Well this past Saturday I was ready, and I began.  The great thing about this workout challenge is that each session is ONLY 12 minutes long.  Who can't fit in 12 minutes into their day. 

Below is the challenge...Catching Fire 30 Day Challenge Day 1

I have done Day 2 & 3 so far.  Today was to be Day 4, but after feeling really rough with this cold I have, I took today off and will resume tomorrow.  Day 5 is REST DAY, but I will switch it up.  I am feeling much better and with another good sleep tonight I will ROCK Day 4 on Day 5.

Now there is some equipment that Melissa and Rita use in these workouts and it can be purchased from the online store, but I have been improvising with what I have at home.  If I can't actually do the same thing that they are doing, I will do something else just to keep moving.  I don't have the extra money kicking around at this time to purchase the same equipment they use, so I will do what I can, with what I have.  They also have a Nutrition Guide that can be purchased as well.

I am combining this 30 Day Challenge with some spinning here at home and I feel great, I could do without this cold but as I said, I should be much better tomorrow.

Be sure to check out this workout.

I have been fueling my body with my ENERGYbits and they are keeping me going.  I have lost my appetite these past few days while feeling ill, so my #bits are keeping me going.  I am really in need of some RECOVERYbits.  They would kick this cold to the curb.

The RECOVERYbits are 100% Chlorella algae with over 60% protein and over 40 nutrients with only 1 calorie per tab.  It's a great way to help build your immune system and detox your body, plus all the other great things that these little tabs can do for you.  Check out the website for more information, www.energybits.com or send me an email to phatsoslim.staystrong@gmail.com and I will send you some information.

If you want to fuel your runs, or your spins or any other type of workout, or you just need some extra energy then you must try ENERGYbits.  They are organically grown, sugar free, caffeine free and chemical free.  A great product that your body deserves.

If you are going to check out at the site, make sure to use the promo code PHATSOSLIM for a great discount.

There are two things I would like you to check out...

1. The Catching Fire 30 Day Challenge
2. ENERGYbits

Now I wish you a good night as I am going to bed now.  Early to bed, early to rise to workout.

Good night



  1. Thanks for the recommendation ( I am a little behind in blog reading). I am still recovering from bronchitis but it sounds like something I can do. I will check both out.

  2. Can I get the rest of the challenge?

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