Monday, January 19, 2015

Face Off

First of all I would like to thank all of you that are supporting me.  You sent me well wishes and words of encouragement.  THANK YOU!!!!

In my last post I told you about Rosacea, the skin disorder that is attacking my face.  I was prescribed a topical gel for my face and the results...not good.  My face got red, hot, itchy, tight, dry and swollen...anything else???...ummm...oh yeah and numb.  The skin on my cheeks felt like a waxy banana box. If you have never seen and/or felt a box that bananas come in(I don't even know if they make them anymore),then you won't know what I am referring to...but that is what they feel like.

I have never had Botox or any other treatment like that, but from what they show in movies or on T.V. in making fun of it, that's what my face felt like.  The first movie that came to mind was Christmas with the Cranks with Tim Allen.  Remember the scene where he is at lunch after coming back from getting Botox.
That is what I felt my face looked like, only my eyebrows were normal. LOL

Anyway, the prescribed medicated topic gel may have been the answer to calm the redness of the Rosacea, but I ended up with some very uncomfortable and embarrassing side effects.  I stopped using the topical gel and went back to see the doctor.  I was prescribed some tablets to soothe the inflammation of my skin.  She was treating it as a burn now.  I am not big on taking prescription drugs, but in this case, something was definitely needed.  The swelling has finally gone down, the itchiness has subsided a bit, I am not longer as red faced.  However, I am still dealing with tight, dry skin.  Imagine you have one of those cucumber peel-off masks on your face...that is how I feel all day long.  It's not a very nice feeling.  Yes, we all long for tight skin, but when your tight skin has skin-clogged pores, it's not so nice.  The only areas of my face that can actually breathe are near my hair line and around my eyes.  Because of that, I have been waking up each morning with puffy eyes.

I tried riding my spin bike last Thursday and it was not a pretty sight.  No, you will not be seeing any pictures.  My face was huge!  I said to myself, "just get through 20 minutes", and that is what I did.  Exercise will have to come slow.

Today I did Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Level 1.  It was tough because I felt like my face was going to explode...1) due to the Rosacea and 2)because I am out of shape.  I will get through this.  I am feeling a little more hopeful and inspired this week.

Last week I found a recipe online for a Veggie Roulade.  Well, I made it today.  Only I change things up a bit as I normally do.

Here is the link to the recipe...

Here is the Veggie Roulade that I made...

It was delicious!

I used purple sweet potato, orange sweet potato, broccoli stems, zucchini, egg plant, Italian egg plant and carrots.  The recipe calls for creme fraiche and Dijon mustard to spread over the pastry before adding the vegetables.  I used a store bought Baba Ghanouj instead.  So good!

Well I will try and write again soon.  Once I get my into my fitness regime, I will have more to say.  I could have lots of things to say now, but they would not be very inspiring to you.

Until then...

Stay Strong!


P.S.  I did try to order Jillian's new 60 Day workout Body Shred, but something didn't workout right so I will try again another day. I want to make sure the order did not go through before placing another order.  Or I may see if it is offered through iTunes.

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  1. I hope your skin feels better soon, the veggie roulade looks amazing