Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 1 Day 1 CX-T Find Your Fit Challenge

Well today I climbed up the first step of the ladder out of the pot hole I have been stuck in.  The ladder of the CX-T Find Your Fit Challenge.  I will not be posting the workouts as they are not mine to share.  I can let you in on a few moves here and there, but the full program can be obtained by contacting Chris at  It is a 6 week online challenge.  It started today, so hopefully if you are interested, it's not too late to start(but contact Chris to find out).

Last night before going to bed I added a workout timer app to my iPhone.  It was just a free one, but you could also purchase the Pro version instead.  Before my children went to school, I inputted the exercises into the timer.  Well I forgot to add in one segment of the workout...duh.  So after I came back from the school bus stop, I did it all again.  The app is called Seconds.  With the free version you can't save workouts, so I decided to purchase the Seconds PRO version.  SO...I had to enter all the exercises again.  By this time I was already worked out(just kidding Chris).  Everything was entered, my gear was gathered(almost all of it) and I was ready to begin Day 1.

Here is a screen shot of the correct input into the Seconds Pro app.

Now as far as my equipment, I pulled out what I could without unpacking the entire closet.  I could not get to my workout bands so I improvised for the Pull Downs.  I used 10 lb dumbbells to start(for the first set), and then switched to 8's as I started to fatigue.  Which didn't take long.

Here is a shot of the equipment that I used today...
Ah...I forgot to take a picture of the substitute for the PVC move.  I used the plastic tube from my Dyson vacuum.  Hey when you have to get it done, you use what you can.

Just like this next piece of equipment...
This is what I used for my Box Jumps.
Don't laugh, I know that it's not that high, but at least I did it.  I can always place some planks of wood on top of the deck to increase the height.  I could use the stairs, but I have always been a bit scared of jumping on the steps.  They just don't seem deep enough to get your foot on.  The last thing I need to do now is break a leg by jumping up 2 or 3 steps.
So for now I will use our deck out the back.

With workout 1 under my belt, it's time to move on to food...

Breakfast: Toast and Natural Peanut Butter with a Protein Shake

It doesn't look like much, but it was filling and satisfying.  The peanut butter I used was some that I made myself.  Just peanuts ground to a semi smooth texture.  No sugar added!

By the time I finished breakfast and had my shower it was almost time for my first snack.  And for my snack I had...

Raspberries and Walnut Pieces
As I was eating my snack, I input my exercises for Day 2 into my Seconds Pro timer app.  I'm all ready for an early start tomorrow morning.

Lunch: Chicken Salad
Now today's salad was part leftover from my Pita Pit salad from dinner last night.  I cooked up some fresh chicken to top off the leftovers.

Afternoon Snack:  Protein Shake

Dinner: Chicken with Brussels Sprouts & Carrots and Sun dried Tomato & Basil Spaghetini

I thought I bought brown rice pasta on the weekend and was set to make this exact dish with that.  Well I picked up the other one instead.  It was good, but not great.

Day 1 of workouts and food is done.  My children have high jacked my laptop, but I have retrieved it once again and have been able to spend the time to write this blog.  I am feeling like that Healthier Version of Me is starting to wake up once more.

I put some batteries in the scale this morning and stepped on it.  Before I did, I took a guess at what number I would see.  I changed it to 5 lbs higher.  I was out by 0.8 lbs.  I am not yet ready to share this number with all of you, and I hope you understand.  I think the scale was part of my downfall over the past year.  I was afraid to get back on it and see a not so nice number.  Yes, I am kicking myself in the A$$ right now.  Now I really have my work cut out for me.  Let me get the number down a bit before I post it.  I know this might be a chicken type of move, but it is tough putting yourself out there when you are not feeling great about it all.

When my husband go home from work today, I told him that people always comment on when a person loses weight.  Yes, it might not be very nice, but people should be able to tell others when they have put weight on and question them on why that has happened.  Maybe that is the HELP that they need.  I know we live in a society that tells us that we should love ourselves just the way we are...BUT...I loved myself more when I was a Healthier Version of ME.  I will feel that love again I know.  I am strong, and I know I can do this.

I'm going to bed early tonight so that I can get my early start in the morning.

Until then...Stay Strong!



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