Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Final Days of the #FindYourFit Challenge...and The Cake

I came to the end of the #FindYourFit 6 week challenge on Friday, but I just couldn't do the Day 4 workout on Friday morning.  I stayed up too late working on the flowers for the 50th Anniversary cake.  I slept in Friday morning and did not have the energy to tackle Day 4.  So instead of the workout, I hit my spin bike for a quick spin.  It was just what I needed.   Some CARDIO to get things loosened up.  My plan was to do Day 4 on Saturday and the final Day 5 400 REP Challenge on Sunday morning.  Let's fast forward to Saturday morning...

6:00am Saturday morning my alarms sounds...I'm up and ready to tackle the Day 4 workout.  It was a tough workout, but it was great way to finish the 6th week. wasn't over quite yet.  After I completed Day 4, I was contemplating on doing the final workout on this day instead of Sunday.  I went upstairs grabbed a drink of water, caught my breath and decided to head back downstairs to face the 400 Rep Challenge.

100 Push Ups, 100 Bent Rows, 100 Russian Twists and 100 Body Weight Squats.

Well if you remember the first time I did this Challenge...THIS is what I said,

"OMG...I thought I was going to puke.  The first part of today's workout was fine, tough, but fine.  The second I said, OMG!  The 400 rep challenge was more than tough.  Well the first 100 was.  I will tell you this, doing 100 push ups made me want to puke.  Now I didn't do the 100 non stop.  I started with 20, took a breath, then I did another 10, 10, breather, 5, 5, 10, breather, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 4, 3, 3 and I wanted to puke.  But there was no time for that, my next 100 rep exercise was waiting to be done."

This time around, I did NOT feel like puking. I felt STRONG.  Yes it was still tough, but I did it and I did it much better than the first time.  My push ups were done in increments of 20's and 10's.

My Russian Twists were strong.  I even picked up an 8 lb dumbbell for the last 20 twists.

I double checked my time from the first 400 Rep challenge from Week 1 Day 4.  I had given myself 12 minutes to get through this challenge, it took me just over 19 minutes.  I thought it took me longer, it definitely felt like it took me longer.  This time, I did it in 16 minutes.  So I shaved some time off, but more importantly, I improved my strength in a great, great way.  This 6 week challenge has been the best thing I have done for myself in a long while.  I want to thank Chris Cole for designing this excellent program and helping me improve my health and fitness.

Chris will be starting up another #FindYourFit 6 week Challenge on June 22nd.  Email him at for more information.

It is now Sunday evening and I am SO feeling Saturday morning's workouts.  My upper back feels like there are muscles popping out everywhere.  It feels SO good.  I am excited to see and more importantly, feel the great changes in my body.  I only lost about 5 pounds according to the scale, but I know that I have lost fat and gained muscle.  I will have my "after" pictures tomorrow.

My plans for the upcoming weeks...I have 6 weeks until my birthday so I am going to run through the #FindYourFit Challenge program again.  I will be adding some more cardio in during the next 6 weeks.  I have a week of holidays coming up soon, so hopefully I will get in a few short runs.

If you want to put yourself to the test to find your fit, contact Chris today ( and get ready to #FindYourFit on June 22nd.  I will be cheering you on.

So the reason that I went to bed late on Thursday as I mentioned, the flowers for the CAKE.  The deadline for the cake was TODAY.  I got it completed.  YAY!!!

I baked the cakes on Friday.  Took everything to my Mum's home on Saturday, and started to put it all together.

The cake board...

The lemon filling...

The iced cake...

I was concerned about having the flowers on the cake overnight, so I decided I would finish the cake off today.  My deadline was 1:00pm, the party was starting at 2pm.

A work in progress...

Here is the finished cake...

All the flowers and pictures are edible.

I was very pleased with how this cake turned out.  Wishing my Uncle Fred and Aunt Helen a Happy 50th Anniversary.

I really enjoyed working on this cake, but I am so glad that it is done and that it got there in one piece.  And that they loved it.

Well it is time for bed now.  My next 6 weeks starts at 6am tomorrow.

Until then...Stay Strong!


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