Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Finding Motivation Can Be Difficult

First of all, I would like to apologize for my absence and leaving you all hanging way back in June of 2016.  I am sorry.  Life got in the way.  It was a life of unhealthy eating and stress.  But I am happy to say that that has changed.  It has taken me a while, but I am in a much better place, and I believe I can write to you once again.

As I got to my spin bike yesterday morning, I found one of my note books near by.  I had a look through it while I was warming up.  On the very last page I found this...

Known as Target #1

Not sure why I named this Target #1, but I did.  This is from the year 2012 it appears.  This is what I wanted and needed.  SO...let us see what can be crossed off for better or for not wanting or needing anymore.

-to write and sell a book...etc...YES I would still love to do that and maybe now I can
-to reach my goal of 130 lbs by Tyler's birthday November 14, 2012...Obviously I can not go back in time, however I can move forward with a new goal for that same date.  I think 130 lbs was unrealistic for me.  New goals will be set in the next few days.

-to become a personal trainer...I do not want that anymore.  
-I want to live in the country on a smallish farm...I can check this one off my list in the BIGGEST and best way possible.  I will talk more about this later.

-I want my own car...CHECK
-I want to go to Fiji...Yes please...this is still on the want list
-I want to inspire others to get healthy...Yes I do...I believe that I have accomplished this target/want, however I would like it to continue on and on.

In finding this scribble of mine kind of gave me that kick in the butt that I needed.  Looking back on my journey I know that I got into a really good place with my eating habits and workouts.  BUT...there is always a but...and I kept thinking that my butt was still too big and that I needed to lose more weight.  What I didn't realize then, was that I had arrived at the Healthier Version of Me.  Then life got in the way and it was a bit of a downward spiral into Blobville, and I was the one running the land, because I certainly wasn't running, walking or biking  on the land.  Anyway, I don't want this post to be negative.  I want to fill you in on the last year and a half.  The last blog post in June of 2016 I left you hanging.  Well...have I got a story to tell.  It will have the good, the bad and some ugly to it.

So back in June of 2016, we put our home in the City of Waterloo up for sale.  We wanted to move to the country.  And that we DID!  Eventually.  We spent that spring and summer of 2016 looking for a place to call home.  It was a lot of road trips, a lot of hotels, a lot of unhealthy eating, a lot of expense and A LOT of stress(in which caused more bad eating).  We thought we found a beautiful place by a lake, but it fell through when it came to the home inspection.  Sad at the time, but the sadness didn't last.  While we thought we had that lake house, our home SOLD in the meantime with a closing date of August 22nd.  So we had a month and a half to find a new home.  On the August long weekend we found our home.  It was a brand new build on a 4 acre lot. We asked our agent to arrange a viewing.  The place was perfect!  However, there was already another offer on it.  To make a long story short...our offer was accepted and we found our new home.  We moved in on October 31st of 2016.

This was a picture from the Realtor website.  Obviously this was before we moved in.  I will post more pictures in future posts, as this home and property have A LOT to do with my journey to a Healthier Version of Me.

Finding your motivation can be difficult, and you don't have to sell your home and find a new one to get your motivation back.  Change is good though.  Whether it's a small change or a big change, you are the one that needs to make that decision.  It will take time and that's okay.  You will get there.  My journey is forever ongoing and I hope you will be a part of it again.  

I will leave you for tonight as it is getting late and I must get up for my morning workout and healthy breakfast. I think I will make some Oatmeal pancakes for breakfast.  Yummy.

Until then...

Stay Strong!


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