Friday, March 9, 2012

Body Revolution Day 26 of 90

Day 26 = Last time for Workout 4

Yep...that's right.  So long Workout 4...Hello to Workouts 5 & 6 next week.
I haven't felt that love/hate kind of soreness in my body lately. Remember the one that makes you need to hold onto the walls as you sit down on the toilet, or cringe when you walk down the stairs OR when it hurts to laugh because you did an awesome abs workout. It's that one you get from pushing harder in your workouts, and doing something good for your body. I said I haven't felt it lately...I may be feeling it in my back tomorrow though. I used 10 lb. dumbbells today for the moves, except for the Side Lunge/Bicep Curls. Oh the rows, they were tough with the 10's, I almost changed to 8's, but then Jillian said, "Give me 2 more", I couldn't stop. Push yourself and TRY. <<<<I'm beginning to sound like her.  But hey, that's OKAY!

To all the people who have just received the Body Revolution parcel or who are eagerly awaiting the arrival. The first thing you need to think of before you begin is, when you want your rest day. The program calendar starts on a Monday. Most likely it's designed this way because most people like to start things fresh at the beginning of the week. Many people often say after a weekend of no exercise and unhealthy food choices, "I will start 'again' on Monday". Plus you can prepare some of foods over the weekend for the following week.
Read over all the material, decide on your Rest Day and then let your Revolution begin.

Today's food...

Breakfast: Denver Omelet

Normally I just use egg whites and throw my onions; a pepper etc in instead of cooking them first, when making my omelets, but today was different. I decided to go with this omelet for breakfast. There was a lot more flavor to it because of the pre-cooking of the veggies.

Lunch: I felt cold again today, so I chose to have a bowl of the Beef & Barley Soup I made up last night. It was even better today than it was last night.

Snack: I am actually enjoying my snack as I write this blog tonight.  I had the Baked Garlic Pita Chips with Hummus and Guacamole.  I spooned out a half serving of each and served them up to myself with the chips.

Dinner: Salmon with Plain Cucumbers & Beef and Barley Soup

More leftovers...which is nice to have.  My husband and our son wanted Subway, so it was nice that I had something on hand.  The soup has made me feel better too, my throat is not as sore as it was this morning.
Homemade soup is great for what ails you.  I always thought...arghh...homemade soup it takes so long to make...but you know what???'s worth it!!!  You know what is in it, because you put it there.  That is like ALL the meals you will be making for yourself. 

You want to be healthy...take over the kitchen.(except for the dishes...I hate doing the dishes) 
Our dishwasher is broken and the sink always seems to be full of dirty dishes lately.  I always thought it would be nice to have a personal chef, well would be nice to have a personal 'clean up the kitchen person'.  I'll have to put that on my rewards list. 

And if my personal 'clean up the kitchen person' looked like this.......

Well I would definitely be making messes ALL the time.  Do you think my husband would mind??? LOL

Okay ladies...and maybe some men...get your head back in the game and off of my future kitchen cleaner upper

Stay Strong and you will succeed!

Until tomorrow...

Have a great night!!!

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