Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Body Revolution Day 30 of 90

Day 30 = Workout 6 + 1/3 of the way through = Awesomeness

Workout 6 is great! Jillian starts to work the abs a bit more in this one. I like it, I like it ALOT(<<<<in the voice of Jim Carrey) All the other workouts so far, you work your core in many of the moves, but in this one we do a Super set of Abs.  Just what I have been waiting for.  The one abs move, Jillian tells you to get your "heaviest weight and lay on your back..."Lat Pulls with a very very high Crunch"...Ouch...I grab my 10's...I could barely lift them over my head and sit up at the same time.  I dropped them down(no not on my head) and switched to my 8's...much better.  The weights I used in this one: 10's, 8's, 5's, 4's and NO weight...ughhh. The Superman's were not just Superman's. They are Weighted Superman's...this is where the ughhh part comes in. Jillian tells you to get a light weight, so I grabbed my 5's...well...I did 2 with the 5's then NO weight. Next time through I got out my 4's(I didn't even them out and ready, I thought I was past the 4 lbs dumbbells stage...thought wrong.  They were still tough with 4's, but that is the lightest I have.  I was thinking of buying something lighter, but I am only going to get stronger so I will leave the light weights at the store.  You could even hold just one 4 or 5 lb dumbbell between your two hands...I think I might try that on Friday(I'll let you know how that goes).    I like the cardio in this one, some old some new.(remember I'm not telling you EVERYTHING about this program) That's what keeps it interesting. At about mid day today I could really feel the love/hate soreness creeping in again. I could feel it in my butt, shoulders and arms. I hoping tomorrow my abs will be sore when I laugh. That's a great feeling!

Breakfast: Steel-Cut Oats with Pears and Pecans. I switched out the Granny Smith apple for a pear today. I prefer it with the apple. There is a nice contrast with the sharpness of the green apple and the sweetness of the maple syrup. The pear just didn't make the cut. Sorry no picture. I was already eating it when I thought about it.

Lunch: Shrimp and Watermelon Salad
I've made this one before and I enjoyed it just the same. I left out the avocado and jicama this time. I served the shrimp and watermelon over a Spring Mix. I was saving a few calories by leaving out the avocado, because we were planning on taking the kids to the movies tonight.

Snack: Baked Garlic Pita Chips
I kind of had the munchies this afternoon, so I grabbed a bag of these chips with no dip...just the chips.  They are great to have with or without the hummus or guacamole.
Pre-made, Pre-bagged Pita Chips for the Grab & Go times in your life. 
To stop you from eating the whole bag...it's called Portion Control.

Dinner:  Grilled Steak with Mushrooms & Thyme
This is kind of sort of...not...a recipe from the Fat Burning Meal Plan.  Who am I kidding, I didn't follow the Grilled Skirt Steak with Chimichurri Sauce recipe at all.  And the Roasted Shiitakes with Fresh Thyme...not really!  I bought sliced portobello mushrooms this week, but I did have the fresh thyme. 
This is a pre-cooking picture...

After loading this picture up onto my computer I noticed something in the picture of the marinating steaks.  Can you see what I see?  That's totally weird!!!

Movie Snack: I know that you are not supposed to take your own food and drink into the theatres, but there must be some exceptions.  What????...Just because I want to eat healthy...does that mean I can never go out to the movies and enjoy myself with my OWN popcorn???  I'm not being cheap, I'm just being responsible over my own health and my LIFE. 

So here it is...

My own movie popcorn...popped from bulked kernels in a brown paper bag in the microwave...tossed with some Coconut Oil and a dash or two of Epicure's Herbed Garlic Sea Salt.

This snack worked out to about 175 calories and very yummy.

I took the kids to see the movie The Lorax tonight.  It was great!  Let it GROW!  A great environmental message sent out to our children.

Let it GROW...
                                             ...and that's what I am doing.  Here is the start of my little indoor herb garden.  I planted some oregano, chives, basil and parsley seeds. 

No Truffula seeds though...couldn't find one.  I don't need those because we already have some growing in our home, in my daughter's room.
Have a great sleep or a great day if you are already starting your day.  For me, I will be going to bed soon, for I have to get up early and attack Cardio 2...woohoo!  I will need that to loosen up.  While sitting in the theatre tonight, I could really feel that soreness feeling in my legs and arms.  Thanks Jillian for helping me get stronger, you can't take all the credit though, because I AM the ONE doing the work.

Stay Strong!

Until tomorrow...

Good night.

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