Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Body Revolution Day 31 of 90

Day 31 = Cardio 2

Fantastic! This morning I burned 303 calories in just 32 minutes. AWESOME! Cardio 2 has many moves you have done before in this program and other Jillian workouts, plus a few new ones. "Hot Feet" makes an appearance again...lovely. I think she's doing this so that you can see what still jiggles and wiggles so that it keeps you motivated to work harder. She picks on the guys in this one. No "Suicides" in this finish each circuit with "Burpees". Wait till you see how high David gets. I looked up once to check, and I almost stopped to watch him. Who says white men can't jump?...holy moly!
In Cardio 1 we did most of the moves in each circuit for 1 minute. In Cardio 2, we do them for 30 seconds each. So that means there a lot more moves in this workout. Since it was the first time doing this one, I was unsure of what I was to be doing next, I took the small pauses between moves. Circuit 2, no pauses between most of the moves. I went from "Butt Kicks" to "High Knees" to "whatever came next".  I enjoyed this one very much.  Since I now know what to expect, I will be pushing harder on Saturday and I will talk more of this one again then.
My body is tender again today.  My butt hurts every step I take.  That tells me that Workout 5 & 6 are doing their job already. 

Today's food...
Breakfast: Greek Yogurt with Quinoa Crunch & Berries

I was a bit upset this morning when preparing my breakfast.  The raspberries that I purchased just on Sunday, had started to go bad already.  I had to throw a bunch of raspberries in the green bin.  That's NOT right!  Raspberries of all things going into the bin.  I managed to get enough from another container to enjoy this breakfast.

Lunch: I decided to just throw together a Chef Salad.  I used the leftover shrimp from yesterday's lunch and some Black Forest Ham I had in the fridge.  I boiled up some eggs, and added one to the salad.

Snack: Cheddar & Apple Slices with Cinnamon
This was nice, but not the most satisfying of the snacks that are in the Fat Burning Meal Plan book.  The recipe also states that it Serves 2, with calories per serving being 103.  I plugged my ingredients into MFP recipe calculator, it came up to 66 per serving.  I ate both servings of this snack today.

This was one serving to equal 131 calories.

Dinner: Almond Crusted Chicken Breast served with Red Cabbage and Apple Slaw
When I made this Slaw a few weeks ago, I froze about 5 servings of it, with NO dressing.  So I had to defrost it tonight, then I heated the cabbage slaw up in the microwave just to be different.  I liked it this way better.  And the chicken was really good tonight if  say so myself.

Besides doing Cardio 2 today, I also went for a short walk to the park with the daycare kids.  Total time walking was probably only about 20 minutes or so.  Nothing too crazy today, only an extra 54 calories burned.  This is the RIDE for 3 of the little ones that I look after...

A triple stroller when full, it is anywhere between 85-100 lbs to push.  It's a really good stroller so it glides along the sidewalk nicely.  Walks with the daycare kids, with them in this stroller, will probably be the ONLY extra cardio that I do along side Body Revolution workouts.  But I WILL let you know if I do anything extra.

Someone asked me how I tracked my calories burned.  I have a Heart Rate Monitor that tracks my calories burned.  I have a Suunto M4.  I have talked about this HRM in some previous posts, I really like it.  If you check out the website they have a test you can do that will help you decide on which Suunto HRM is best suited to your needs.  I paid $160.00CAD plus tax for mine.  And worth every penny.  I did have that little problem with the clip snapping, but the store I got it from sent it back since it was still under warranty, and Suunto replaced the strap with a brand new one.  Fantastic!  If you are looking into purchasing a HRM, get a good one.  Yeah sure there are cheaper ones out there, but that's what they will be CHEAP.  Plus they might not display your calorie burn.  Make sure you do your homework on this one before buying.

Back to Workout 5 in the morning.  Must remember not to wear my zipper pocket back workout pants.  While doing abs the other day, the zipper dug into my backside...OUCH!

Until then...

Stay Strong!

Good night.


  1. This is the 2nd blog I've read about how much fun Cardio 2 is! Makes me want to hurry up with next week & get it going. I'm not enjoying Cardio 1 very much, and love the idea of more variety for shorter periods of time.

    Your menu for today looks awesome, too. I haven't been following the BR meal plan, but will definitely check some of these out to make next week. How old are your kids & do they like any of the recipes? I'm really against preparing 2's hard enough getting 1 dinner on the table, let alone 2 :)

    1. Hi ctminnesota,

      Yes, Cardio 2 is a good one. But don't rush it. It goes by so quickly that you will be there in no time.
      My son is 6 years old and my daughter is 4 years old and they both eat or a least try most of the dinner meals. I did write about it in one of my posts about how our lunch meals are different during the week, only because my son goes to school, my husband to work and my daughter eats what I make for the daycare children. Sometimes she will steal a few bites off my plate at lunch time.
      We just finished our dinner tonight, the Beef Stir-fry with Broccoli and Shiitake Mushrooms served with Brown Rice. My son said, "This is really good mum!", and gave me a thumbs up. My daughter has eaten before, but didn't eat much tonight as she is just getting her appetite back after having the cold/flu that I had last week. They are really great for trying te night I made the Roasted Garlic Beets. They both tried them, but said they didn't want anymore. Which was fine. I was just happy they tried new foods.
      Sometimes I don't mind if they don't eat he same because then I have leftovers to save for the next day or freeze fo the future weeks.
      Hopefully your children will like some of the meals in the recipe book. Just watch if they are allergic to nuts, because some of the recipes have nuts in them. Neither of mine have allergies so that is not an issue for me. The both really liked the Almond Crusted Chicken.

      Have fun with Cardio 1 and get through those "Suicide Runs"...they're not so bad.

      Stay Strong!

      Thanks for reading my blog,