Thursday, March 15, 2012

Body Revolution Day 32 of 90

Day 32 = Workout 5

Good morning THUNDER!  A crazy, wicked thunderstorm here this morning.

After I had a sleepover in my son's room last night. I woke up a wee bit later and headed downstairs to hit Workout 5. I said I was sore it felt even worse. The best thing to do is keep working out.  Don't stop just because you are sore...if you are hurt and in real pain, then rest and recover.  BUT...if it's just that muscle soreness in your BUTT or anywhere and everywhere else...keep going.  I think I have said it before, that's the fat screaming because the muscle is taking over inside your body. 
Workout 5...Triceps central...equals "No wings".  The only move that I don't really care for in this workout are the "Cable Punches".  I mentioned these the other day and said I was going to maybe just use weights...well I didn't.  I used the cable again and they are tough.  I find these tough because it's kind of uncomfortable.  The cable rubs on your arms and legs a bit.  I know Jillian likes to say, "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable", but I don't want to rub my skin off my arms and legs.  Now don't be scared by what I am saying, maybe it's just me and maybe I don't have my cable in the correct spot.  So, I think on Monday I will do the first set with weights and if it's too easy, then I will go back to the cable.  I will say it again, "I love the push ups in this one"...Push Ups/Side Plank...LOVE THEM!!!

Today's food...

Breakfast: Turkey Sausage with Poached Egg and Sweet Potato Hash
Okay, so I just realized as I was typing, I didn't make the poached egg with this one this morning.  The sausages and the sweet potato hash was leftover from the other day.  It must have been because of the thunderstorm this morning.  As I was heating up the plate of food, my daughter came into the kitchen shaking because of the thunder.  She ended up eating her breakfast sitting on the floor, because she didn't want to see the lightening outside, as she would have if she had sat a the table.

Lunch: Roasted Chicken with Whole Wheat Pasta & Spinach Pesto
I have been meaning to make this one since the first week after the 7-day kick start.
 A little prep picture...

So since I don't own a meat mallet.  This is what I used...

The bottle of Olive Oil.  There's a bit of an action shot.  I had the chicken breast in a freezer bag and gently pounded the chicken to the thickness the recipe calls for.

Here is the meal...

This was really good.  I think next time I might add some fresh basil to the recipe.  I made the full recipe to serve 6...ate one serving and bagged the other 5 servings to freeze them.  Hopefully they will be okay when reheated again.  The tomatoes might not be so nice, but I'm sure the rest will taste great.

Snack: Chocolate Cinnamon Frozen Banana Pops...need I say more????
YuMMM!  I made these on Day 23 and they still taste great.  Tomorrow will be the tenth day in the freezer for them.  I may just have another one tomorrow so they don't go to waste.  I think there are 3 left.  So for your sake, I will try to resist them and see how long the freezer shelf life will be...we shall see what tomorrow brings.   
Dinner: Beef Stir-Fry with Broccoli and Shiitake Mushrooms served with Brown Rice
The last two times I made this dish we didn't have brown rice with it.  Much nicer with the brown rice that the recipe calls to serve it with.  The first time I served it with Quinoa and the second time, with Basmati Rice.
A reader commented yesterday and asked me if my children eat the same meals???  Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  They have tried most of the dinner meals.  Tonight my son was eating the stir-fry and while he was eating he said, "This is really good mum!", they he gave me the thumbs up.  So GREAT!  They like the chicken dishes and have even tried the lamb burgers.  My son and my husband are not too crazy about fish, so I sometimes substitute chicken for them.   

Remember the other day when I went from OVERWEIGHT to HEALTHY WEIGHT on the BMI???  I thought a reward was in order.  I ordered the Paris Pink Run:Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve top from Lululemon. was delivered today...YAY!!!! 

Here's me with my crazy hair and my son goofing around...
The bra that I am wearing in combination with the Paris Pink top, make my boobs look bigger than they are. LOL
I love it!

WooHoo...tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is near.  Workout 6 coming up in the AM and I'm ready to knock off those Burpees again.

Until then...

Stay Strong!

Good night.


  1. Yowza! Lookin good! The chicken pasta looks delish. I haven't tried that one yet. Maybe next week for lunches. Great tip for the meat mallet.

  2. You look amazing!! Congratulations on stepping into the healthy range - - definitely worth a splurge & I am jealous of that top :)

    Thanks for commenting on if your fam eats your meals with you. Your food photos look so amazing, I actually have my Jillian cookbook with me & am going to comb through it to try 2-3 recipes next week. Also happy to hear things freeze well. My thought is to prepare, creating the servings & make my own frozen meals. We'll see how that goes.

    Happy Friday! Your son is a cutie-pie, too :)

  3. You look GORGEOUS! And pink is definitely your color!

  4. Thank you all! I wasn't sure about the pink at first, but my husband said it would look good. I love it!