Friday, March 16, 2012

Body Revolution Day 33 of 90

Day 33 = Workout 6

Hello "Superman's", or should I say "SUPERWOMAN". I told you on Tuesday about these. Well today I tried what I said I was going to do. Instead of two 4 pound dumbbells, I used just one. MUCH better! To some of you it might sound like I'm wimping me...I'm not. Wait till YOU get there. I did do 2 reps the other day with 5 pounds in each hand. Pace yourself, don't over do it...leave some room to improve yourself. It will happen. Just like, don't rush through your workouts and phases. We all want to get in shape and IT WILL HAPPEN. If you are just starting, it may feel easy to you, Workouts 1 & 2, I kind of felt that way. Remember that UP button that you can push in these workouts. The first few weeks are helping your body AND mind to get stronger. The days, weeks, months and years go by so quickly in take this time to slow down and think about how you want to stay healthy and strong for the rest of those days, weeks, months and years. I know that I don't want to be spending hours in a gym or here at home working out. That's why Body Revolution was made for me...that's was made for me!(and for people like YOU that care about your health and fitness) It was made for me so that I could see that I only need to workout for around 30 minutes a day...and that's all. I don't care about low calorie burns. I think they have been pretty good so far, for the time spent sweating it out. It's helping ME to learn to live with the weight coming off gradually and staying off. It doesn't just end at Day will go on for the rest of my life. It's a lifestyle change. I make the time for myself in the early morning...get my workout in and then I can enjoy the rest of my day. Not having to worry about trying to fit in my workout later. It's ONLY 30 Minutes or so.

So far the workouts have been the following in length:
Workout 1-32minutes
Workout 2-36 minutes
Cardio 1-26 minutes
Workout 3-35 minutes
Workout 4-33 minutes
Workout 5-36 minutes
Workout 6-32 minutes
Cardio 2-32 minutes
All these times are start to finish. Warm up and cool down INCLUDED.
Here's a picture of the equipment I used this morning...

My colourful palette of dumbbells...hehehe. Even if you don't have a proper set of weights, you can always use household items too. Soup cans(not that you will be buying soup by the can anymore), but you get the idea. You could always fill some water bottles with beans or sand or whatever you have. Then maybe once you hit one of your first goals, your reward could be a set of weights. Just a thought.
Let's talk about Today's Food...
Breakfast: Blueberry Banana Muffin

So good! I haven't had one of these since Day 8. I had been looking forward to trying one of these again. The bit of white you see on the muffin is, Coconut Oil. Rather than using butter or margarine, I have been using about a teaspoon of coconut oil on the morning muffins. It tastes so good.
The muffins aren't the only thing I use the coconut oil on. I will get to this in a bit...

Lunch: Mediterranean Tuna Salad Rolls
This is the first time for this recipe.

I didn't have any celery or capers. When I was making this up, I thought it would be very dry. It wasn't too bad. The oil and the lemon juice are just enough. You can always add more lemon juice to the mix if you like your tuna salad a little more moist. Again, make sure you track the calories of the ingredients that you use to get the correct calorie count. I find the calories of the recipes vary quite a bit.

Snack: It was a beautiful warm day, and the kids were having Popsicles, so...that's right...I had another
Chocolate Cinnamon Frozen Banana Pop.

Like I said it was a nice day...

Enjoying the day of 22 degrees C. I cleaned up the lawn and garden while the kids were playing. It is supposed to be like this all weekend and into next week.  I can see some family walks in the near future.

Dinner: Leftover Beef Stir Fry with Broccoli and Shiitake Mushrooms served with Brown Rice.

After Dinner Snack: Baked Garlic Pita Chips...Friday night...I just wanted a little something else.

Okay you have waited long enough...Coconut Oil.

There are many different brands out there.  Try different ones until you find the right one for you. 
This is just the first one that I have purchased.

I was looking over Facebook one day; I came across this piece from Tosca Reno.
It's all about Coconut Oil.  I had bought a jar of it last year but never used it.  Until now...the Fat Burning Meal Plan uses it in some of the recipes.  And NOW I also use it on my skin.  From the kitchen to the bathroom, but not back again.  I took some of the oil out of the jar and put it in another container and took it up to the bathroom.  After my showers, instead of using a moisturizing cream, I apply and rub in the coconut oil to my skin.  It's so lovely.  With the winter almost over and the dry skin that is a result of the colder winter temperatures; the coconut oil is a nice relief.  Check out that link and find more uses for this natural oil.

Looking forward to Cardio 2 again tomorrow and then rest day on Sunday.  Life is great!

Stay Strong!

Until tomorrow...

Good night.

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