Sunday, April 22, 2012

Body Revolution Day 69 of 90

Day 69 = Cardio 3

Well I did it!  And I did it!  Last night I thought I would be too tired to do Cardio 3 this morning.  And I thought there was NO WAY that I would be able to do my Plank hold either...BUT...I completed BOTH.  All this happened before I went to set up for the Made By Hand Show in Mississauga.  I felt okay when I woke up this morning.  I got up at 5:30am this morning and made my way downstairs to finish off week 10 of Body Revolution...well I guess tomorrow's Rest Day will finish it off.  Then onto Workouts 11 & 12, the final 3 weeks.  As the program states that you do these 2 workouts for week 13.  With only 3 weeks left...get your answer into me for the "Stay Strong" Necklace contest.  Remember email me your answer to Please refer to if this <<<link does not work, just check out Day 58 of 90 for all the details.  So far there are 9 names in the draw for the necklace.  Good luck everyone!

In addition to Cardio 3, I also logged in the time I spent setting up and taking down for the show.  Once, when I did a show, I wore my heart rate monitor, so I had figured out what my calorie burn for this action.  I logged this only because I do a lot of lifting and walking and lifting and walking, some times in a short period of time.  So sometimes I have to hustle.  I don't always log in the full time, just to make sure I don't go over on my calorie count.

This is what the finished set up looked like at today's show...

The show was great and I met lots great people too.

I had one customer refer to me as "tiny"...I felt like hugging her, but that's not very professional, is it now???
That was a nice NSV(Non Scale Victory)!  As I was talking with these ladies, I told them, that in the last 11 months, I have lost 44 lbs.  I also mentioned my blog...I'm so silly...the other week I made up some business cards through, and they were delivered this week...SO...I took some with me and gave them out today along with my Maus Wear business cards.  Today is Earth Day, let's make it Great Health Day too.  Anyways, these ladies said they would check out my blog.  So I say to them, Hello and welcome to my world.  I hope that I can help you, and all the other readers to become a Healthier Version of each and every one of YOU. 
I had a great neighbour, Athena and her husband from ...check it out!  Because I like to talk, I was also telling them, and another neighbour behind me, about my journey through Body Revolution and how you, the followers/readers inspire me each and every day with your comments and emails.  Thank you!

So since I had the show today, today's food is not that exciting.  Let's see what I had today...

Today's food...
Breakfast:  Steel-Cut Oats with Raspberries, Almonds & Honey

I made the full recipe yesterday.  My kids and I had some, and I saved the rest for today.  Today was supposed to be my favorite...Multi-Grain Pancakes...however, I did not have the time to make a fresh batch up this morning, so I will be making them tomorrow.  The Steel-Cut Oats were just a nice as the were yesterday morning.  I just heated it up in the microwave, and it was ready to fill my belly until lunch time.  A friend, Coquetona, on sent me a recipe for Overnight Oatmeal.  I will try sometime this week and let you know how it is.  I'm sure it will be delicious.  Thanks Coquetona!
After I ate my breakfast, I made up my lunch for the day and got my snacks packed up.

Lunch: Chicken Salad with Red Grapes & Toasted Pecans
That is the recipe name, however, I used green grapes and no pecans today.  I started eating the sandwich and once I had one half already gone, I remembered to take a picture...

Remember if you are on the go...either pack a lunch or choose wisely with what is provided.

Snack: Chocolate Covered Carrot Cake Pop/Ball
I picked this snack because I knew there would be vendors with treats and other goodies that may be tempting.  I knew my Cake Pops were CLEAN and good for me.  Yes!...Chocolate is good for ME and YOU too!  The good stuff though...dark chocolate...70% or greater cocoa.

Dinner: Subway's 6" Veggie Delight on Honey Oat Bun, No Cheese
Sorry no picture.  After I got home from the show and unloaded the truck, my husband and I and the kids went out to the store and stopped in at Subway on the way back.  I was going to eat the leftover Laksa from last night, but then, while in Subway, I decided I would try the Veggie Delight.  It was nice.  The bun was a bit tough, but the sub was very satisfying.  Because we got home late, I was so hungry that I forgot take a picture of it. 

After Dinner Snack:  Roasted Red Pepper Dip/Organic Rice Cakes/Poppers
My calorie in take for the day was not high enough after I logged in my dinner so I thought an after dinner snack would help bring them up.

After a long day, this blog is getting to you rather late and now my helper Indy, the cat is on my lap again and it takes me twice as long to type because he like to rest his chin on my hands or the key board. LOL

One more thing...My Plank hold Challenge...
I even impressed myself today...
I had a bead of sweat running down my left arm.  Then I noticed one going down my right arm, it was like a race.  The right arm won...they both made it down to my wrists by the time above.

Good luck to Hannahpta in her own Plank Challenge...Stay Strong!

Tomorrow is my Rest Day.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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