Monday, May 14, 2012

The First Day Back After Body Revolution

Hey Everyone!

I told you I would be back.  It's a good thing too, because I forgot to tell you something in yesterday's post.  I told you WHO the winner was of the Stay Strong contest, but I forgot to tell you the correct answer of the question.  I remembered last night as we were having dinner.

The question was, "Can you spot the switch up in Cardio 2?"

Answer:  In the second circuit, Jillian switches the order of the Skaters and Skiers from how she did them in Circuit 1.

I thought I was going mad the first few times through Cardio 2 until I realized it was HER mixing it up. 
Thanks again to ALL of you that played the contest, and again, Congratulations to Darlene, the winner of the Stay Strong Necklace.

Mother's Day was great!  My kids kept wishing me a Happy Mother's Day all day long, it was so sweet.  They ended up taking me out to dinner last night.  We went to East Side Mario's, in Waterloo, ON.  I enjoyed the Garden Salad to start and for my main course, Grilled Salmon with Mixed Vegetables.  Delicious.
Salmon...LOVE IT!

So I have had a number of people leave comments or sent me messages, asking me to keep this blog, and NOT to delete it.  I have put a lot of work, not only into my own journey to a healthier version of ME, but also, a lot of work has gone into this blog as well.  So...NO...I am not going to delete it.  I may change the name of it though.  All the posts from the past 90+1 days will still remain, only they may come up under the new blog title.  Since I made those cards up with the address on it,, I don't want to start a totally different blog, I want MY journey to continue on through the same address.  Over the next couple days you may see the name of the blog change from body Revolution to ???????something else????  Not sure yet what I will call it. It might be something like Stay Strong OR Phatsoslim Stay Strong OR Stay Strong Phatsoslim OR A Healthier Version of ME...suggestions are welcome.  Whatever I may change the name to, I do hope that you will all still keep following and reading on.  I will continue with workouts, foods, recipes, tips and much more.  I hope my journey can help others on their own.

Last night I felt a bit lost...I wrote out a new weekly food plan menu(taken from the Brazil Butt Lift 6-day Supermodel Slimdown Plan) and a workout plan.  I am not following this this week though.  As I am not starting the Brazil Butt Lift program this week, so I will save that meal plan for another week.  The groceries that I bought yesterday can be adapted to anything because they are ALL CLEAN FOODS and that is what I eat now.  AND so should YOU! 

I entered my workouts into my calendar on my iPhone, today beginning with Jillian's Kickbox FastFix Workout 1.  Tomorrow was to be Workout 2 and Spinning on Wednesday...repeat.  BUT...this morning after completing the 20 minute Workout 1, I had only burned 120 calories...that's just not enough.  SO...I did Workout 3 from FastFix, as it targets more on the Abs.  So...after 40 minutes of working out, I burned a total of 252 calories.  That may be great for some but I was hoping for more.  Body Revolution spoiled me with the short High Intensity Workouts...I miss them already.  I might just mix this week and next week up with other Jillian workouts from Ri30, 6 Week/6 Pack/Yoga Meltdown/Killer Buns & Thighs/Extreme Shed & Shred.  It's the long weekend coming up, so I might have to do some running over the weekend.  I am planning to start a structured program on Monday May 28th. <<<That is one day after my 1 year Anniversary of the start of my journey to a Healthier Version of ME.   I will make that my official start date of my next program.  It will either be Brazil Butt Lift, Rush Fit(if I get it by then) or another round of Body Revolution.

I will keep you posted on which program I will choose.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Carrot Banana Muffin

These muffins are so good!  I hope you try this recipe that I posted yesterday.

Lunch: Salmon Sausage/Green & Yellow Beans with a Spinach & Raspberries Salad


Snack: Brown Rice Squares and Red Grapes
I made these squares up from the Mother's Day gift that I got from my children.

I didn't have all the ingredients to make the sauce up that these squares are to be served with, so I improvised with ingredients that I had.  It is supposed to be a Coconut Cashew Sauce...mine was more like an Almond Almond Sauce.  Instead of coconut milk, I used Almond milk and instead of cashew butter, I used almond butter.  I also put a little bit of honey into the rice that you puree in the food processor(to use to stick the remaining rice together).  I only did this because I wasn't sure if I was going to make a sauce or not and I wanted to sweetened the squares up a little.  They're pretty good.  My husband didn't really care for them much.  Check out this recipe book, there are some really good looking recipes in there.  Make it a REWARD of yours OR ask for it as a gift.

Dinner: Grilled Honey-Mustard Chicken/Cauliflower Mash with Roasted Garlic & Butternut Squash Soup
I made this soup up from a friend's cookbook.  It is really very nice.  I haven't really eaten that much squash over the past years, but I will be eating more in the future.

I will include the recipe for the Roasted Garlic & Butternut Squash Soup tomorrow.

After Dinner Snack:  Quinoa Bars
My friend made these bars.  So I do not have the recipe and I don't know where it's from either.  I guesstimated the calories for these bars, so I could be way over on my daily calories or way under or just right. Once I get the recipe, I will know for sure. 

Tomorrow I am planning on doing Workout 2 of KickBox FastFix and ???

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night



  1. Hey Trina. Thanks sooo much for the contest and I will think of you everytime I look at the necklace.

    I'm glad to see that you arr continuing your journey here. Do you have a rotation written down yet? Because I'm coming closer to the end of BR and yours looks great. I love the challenge BR gives and want to include it in my next goal.

    Oh, and YOU LOOK FANTASTIC! You are an inspiration to me because of having daycare, two young children, and the time spent on this great blog.


  2. I can't wait to try the banana carrot muffins...thanks for the recipe!

  3. I'm kind of late jumping onto this blog train but your results are amazing. I saw a few days ago you had pumpkin muffins, could you share the recipe with me? Thanks :)

    1. Hey Casey,

      Thanks for reading. The pumpkin muffins are from the Body Revolution Fat Burning Meal Plan recipe book. If you don't own Body Revolution yet, I will post the recipe tomorrow.

      Stay Strong!

    2. I did a search and found this for you...

      If that link does not work, let me know and I will post the recipe on my blog tomorrow.

      Thanks again,