Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Week 1 Day 3 of RushFit

Week 1 Day 3 = Abdominal Strength & Core

I know I am going to feel this one tomorrow...and I will let you know tomorrow just how much.  I can still feel Monday's workout in my legs and butt.  It's like those lumps of fat, that I call my inner thighs, they are SCREAMING!!!  They don't want to leave my body,  BUT they MUST GO!  So scream away...away away. 

The Warm Up and the Cool Down are the same as in the Strength & Endurance Workout. I am assuming that that is the same for all the workouts, with just the 5 Rounds in between being different.  Each round gets harder as you go along.  Total length for this one is about 50 minutes.  The dumbbells I used were 8lbs.  These were only used for some of the exercises...One Legged Squats, Wood Chops(done a bit different than Body Revolution), One Arm Swings and there were more...however...It's been a long day and I am forgetting what many of the moves were called, but don't worry though, I will be doing this workout again next Wednesday.  I do remember though that one of the exercises is almost like the Wheel Push Up from Body Revolution...only with no Push Up, it's just a Static Hold in the Wheel position.  My arms were so sore though today, I couldn't get off my head.  There are more Side Planks in this one, so I was a HAPPY girl this morning. 

The last Round in this workout is tough, but I got through it, not perfectly and that's okay because I did the best I could do today.  Next time I know what to expect and I will push myself a little harder.

It's nice to see the Athlete, Georges St-Pierre (GSP)doing the actual workout in the DVD.  And even he struggles with some of the moves OR he does the modified version of some.  It definitely helps you get through the workout, it shows that even the best train hard, and that is how they become the best.  And so can YOU and I!  They work hard, improve their strength over time and work on perfecting each move.  As GSP states in this workout, "If I train hard, it makes the fight much easier". 

Train hard, make your life healthier and fit.  And rest too...I am really tired right now so I am going to talk about food now and then say good night and go to bed.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Multi-Grain Pancakes with Blueberries

The other day when I made these up, I used the pumpkin pie spice, the same as what I used in the Steel Cut Oats that I ate the other morning.  They were okay with the blueberries this morning, but as I was eating them, I thought..."these would taste nice with a dollop of Vanilla Greek Yogurt instead of syrup and berries" time I will try it.

Lunch: Salmon with Sweet Potato Fries

I was making the fries for the daycare kids today for lunch, so I put a few more in the oven for myself.  I know that it's not gourmet type of food that would go with salmon, but I LOVE sweet potato fries.

Snack: Protein Bar-Chocolate and Pumpkin Seed
I picked this bar up at the store the other day to try it out.  It was pretty good, but I still like making my own bars and snacks.

Here are the ingredients as taken from the Francine's Finest website...



Dinner: Chicken Barley Pilaf
I told you I would be eating this again tonight.  It's so good, even the next day.

I don't think I have mentioned that I have this thing for notebooks.  Blank or lined papered books with decorative covers.  I own lots of them, some of them used others never been touched by a pen, but that doesn't stop me from buying a new one if it catches my eye.
So with that being said...I decided to create my own...
Do you like it?
I will be using my new book for planning my meals and snacks, and recording my weight and measurements.
So can YOU!

Right now I have 49 followers listed on my blog.  So I was have a Stay Strong Notebook Giveaway.  One more follower is needed to have the first giveaway.  So once there are 50 followers, those follower's names will go into a draw and pick out the winner and send that reader the notebook.  So spread the word, and help others to change their lives for the better, just like you and I have.

I know that there are many more who follow through Facebook, Twitter and My Fitness Pal and I will think of another way to get one of these notebooks to one of you.

Thank you all for following, and I hope I have helped you to Stay Strong on your journeys. 

Tomorrow I hit Cardio again + Stretching for Flexibility.

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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  1. Thanks for your posts. I'm enjoying following along where I am in Body Revolution. I haven't read ahead in BR becuase I don't want to spoil what I am in for, though I am reading your current - post BR posts.