Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week 1 Day 6 of RushFit

Week 1 Day 6 = Cardio + Balance & Agility

Lions and Tigers and Bears...Oh my! It's more like Gorillas and Mules and Alligators...OH MY!

This workout is a great one!

I started off with a 56 minute spin on my bike. I was only going to do 30-35 minutes, but my 4 year old daughter wanted to hear Madonna, so I continued on until she heard "Give it to Me" by Madonna. (She knows that Mummy has 2 tickets to go see Madonna in September and she wants to come with me...LOL)  I then briefly cooled down on the bike and then popped in the RushFit Workout Balance & Agility. I skipped over the 10 minute Warm Up because after 56 minutes of spinning, I was WARM.
Balance & Agility starts off with some variations of lunges and moves into some one-legged balance exercises.  When I first started the workout, my little girl was watching me and she said, "Why do you have that look on your face? How about a smile?"...So I smiled, and she then said, "that's better!"  So cute.
Again, this workout is done in bare feet.  It actually helps with your balance and strengthening the muscles in your feet and ankles because you are not relying on the support of a shoe. YOU are doing all the work. Even if you lose your balance and fall, that's okay, just pick that foot back up and keep on trying. 

This workout gets much tougher, and I'm talking about those animals I mentioned earlier.  It all begins with the Gorilla Squats, followed by Mule Kicks and then onto Alligators, finishing up with Side Walking Push Ups.  Each of the exercises are done for 1 minute each, and then repeat.  My heart rate was UP there.  Even my little girl got into the workout.  She tried the Mule Kicks.  Just picture a little 4 year old dress up as Tinkle Bell, doing the RushFit Mule Kicks...priceless.

This workout was 33 minutes long without the warm up and I burned 230 calories.  My 56 minute spin burned up 437 calories.  This was a long workout for me, especially after doing Body Revolution, I was spoiled by the shorter workouts. 

Krista left a comment on my blog asking..."Are you liking RushFit as much as Body Revolution?"

Answer: So far I am really liking RushFit, the workouts are tough and different.  The first workout on Monday, Strength & Endurance left me feeling strong and sore ALL week long.  When I feel that muscle soreness, I know that I have done something extraordinarily good for myself.  There is still one workout, the Full Body Strength & Conditioning, that I have not done yet in the RushFit program.  I like the fact that I can use different forms of Cardio during this program.  Not that I didn't like the Cardio workouts in BR, I did.  It's just...I missed my spinning bike and it was nice to start back up again with the C25K program too.
The thing I really liked about Body Revolution were the shorter workouts with the fantastic calorie burn for each of them.  I am planning on going through Body Revolution again and hopefully my husband will go through it with me this time.  I know what Body Revolution did for me and am very pleased with the results.  I will see what RushFit does for me in 7 more weeks.

Today's food...
Breakfast: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Muffin

Lunch: Chocolate Almond Protein Bar/Potato Chive Bread/Raspberries
The protein bar was one of Francine's Finest. 
Today's lunch was more of a snacking lunch, as I was busy cleaning out the cupboards and re-organizing them again.  I didn't get them finished today though.  I will be posting pictures of them once it is complete.  They are going to be wonderful and CLEAN, in more ways then one.

Snack: Snapea Crisps
These are so good.  I bought a bag a couple weeks ago and between the four of us, we almost ate the whole bag before we got home.

Dinner: Baja Salad from Wendy's
We went out late tonight and stopped in at Wendy's for some food.  I chose the Baja Salad for my dinner tonight.

After Dinner Snack: My CLEANED UP S'mores

I was still cleaning up and thought..."I haven't had one of my S'mores in over a week", so I light a candle, and roasted it over the flame and then put it all together.  Yummy!

When I was cleaning, I came across this...

I bought this "Angel of Chocolate" a few years ago when I took a Chocolatier course.
She watches over the chocolate in the cupboards now...hehehe

Well tomorrow is Rest Day which = cleaning, planning, groceries and cooking

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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