Thursday, June 21, 2012

Week 4 Day 4 of RushFit

Week 4 Day 4 = Full Body Strength & Conditioning

Woo! Shower?  Yes...please!  Another sweaty mess of a workout.  This definitely helped with the "blobbiness".  The temperature this morning when I was working out was around 20 degrees C already, so early in the morning.  LOVE IT!   I can feel this morning's workout right's 10:21pm and I am feeling it in my back, shoulders, legs...really everywhere.  Wait till the morning...I'll be lucky if I can get out of bed.
The dumbbells I used for this one were 10's and 8's.  The 10 lb dumbbells are the heaviest I have right now.  For some moves I could probably use more, but for others 10 or lower are just fine.  Even when I am feeling sore, I feel great!

I am feeling a little lost though.  I had to take my HRM back into the store where I purchased it from.  After they replaced the chest strap with a new one, a few months back...I was having some troubles finding my heart rate.  Some days I would put it on and my heart rate would show up as 174...that's me just sitting down...CRAZY!  Other times I would be into a full blown workout and it showed my heart rate as 76...CRAZY!!  And then sometimes, I would have no heart rate show up at all...CRAZY!!!  So to eliminate my frustration, I decided to take it back in to see what the problem is.  Hopefully I will get it back soon.  Next week I will be doing the RushFit Explosive Training Workout, it's the only one I do not have a calorie burn for yet.  So I may have to guess on that day.
So my calorie burn counts this week are taken from the previous days that I did certain workouts.  Some days I enter them in a little lower if I find that I haven't worked as hard.  And with the heat, some I have entered a bit higher.
I highly suggest getting yourself a good Heart Rate Monitor to help you achieve your fitness and healthy lifestyle goals.  Make sure you get one that gives you a calorie burn count, that way you will know just how many calories have gone out.  And be sure that more calories go OUT, then come IN.

1 pound = 3500 calories.  So think about that when you are craving something off your new CLEAN eating way of life.  Don't eat CRAP!  Eat right and you will reach your goals.  You can do it, you know you can!

Today's food...
Breakfast: Fruit Crepe with Chocolate Sauce

A second day of yumminess!

Snack: Green Grapes & Strawberries
Our snack at the park was some nice fresh fruit.

Lunch: Roasted Garlic & Butternut Squash Soup with Stix

 Dinner: Grilled Chicken served with Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Sweet Potato and Spinach Fettuccine

I'm hot, I'm tired and I'm ready for my bed.  I will be back tomorrow to show you the treat that I made up today.  It will be ready by then.  It's a frozen treat.  Exactly what is needed this summer. 

Until then...Stay Strong!

Good night


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